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What should i write on my girlfriends valentines day card?

So i asked this girl to be my girlfriend just a little over a week ago. I want to write something sweet for her on her valentines card. I don’t want anything that says i love her or anything like that because i don’t believe in teenagers loving each other at such a young age in a short time. Thanks a ton guys.

Other details: im 16, shes 15, the card plays smile by uncle kracker because i told her that song made me think of her =)

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13 Responses to “What should i write on my girlfriends valentines day card?”

  1. Kevin said:

    Where ever the wind blows, I shall hear your name >Name of your gf<

  2. Eldorado said:

    Tell her she is the love of your life and you want to F’k the S’t out of her

  3. liz b said:

    You could just say something like “I’m glad I asked you out and I can’t wait to spend more time with you and get to know you better”

    I think that’s sweet and she won’t expect it.

  4. Super Girl said:

    tell her that you dont believe in teenagers loving at such a young age…. she should at least know that. and may be then you both could be mature about it.

  5. Coji said:

    I think that you should tell her how happy you are that you’re together and that you can spend valentines day together. This is speaking from the experience of being a girl lol. I would love to get a card like that (:

  6. vampchick said:

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    carnations are sweet,
    and so are you!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Butterfly said:

    tell her that you are happy that shes in your life now and glad shes your girlfriend. maybe you can say im glad i have a sweet and wonderful girl friend to celebrate valentine day with you

  8. Delilah.<3 said:

    Just write about how you feel about her.
    Like; Ever since the first time i saw you, i liked you, Now I am glad you said yes when i asked you to be my girlfriend, because now you’re mine and all i ever wanted. I hope we last a long time, because……………
    and so on :]

    Hope i helped 😀

    Answer Mine:

  9. i always know said:

    write something along the lines… im glad to have someone like you in my life or… u make my life brighter or something like that but make it fun.

  10. Daniel said:

    i met a girl
    who touched my heart
    its only been a week
    but its a great start

    I love her smile
    and the sound of her voice
    when Im with her
    i know i made a good choice

    Happy Valentines day
    to my sweet friend
    when Iam with you
    I want it to never end.

    blah blah blah,,
    hows that for starters……

  11. hotdayumm its nicole. said:

    kai so this is what you should write:

    haaaay baby 😉 😉 😉
    im not gonna say i love you cause i dont believe in love at this age, so im gonna say i like you a lot and youre super cool even though im 16 and youre 15. this has been the best week of my liiiife. 😉 oh and youre pretty(:

    p.s. this song reminds me of YOU ! (:


    something like..

    [her name here],

    Happy Valentines day cutie (; youre an amazing girl, and im really glad i know you otherwise my life would be pretty dull. youre [put in some characteristics of hers, like funny or pretty or smart or lovely or gorgeous, etc] and i like you a lot……..

    yeah thats all i got right now.
    have fun with that(:

  12. elli_princess said:

    I think you should write something like:

    Your smile is what brightens my day

  13. Sophie said:

    This is what you should write “When I met you I never would have imagnied that I would have such strong feelings for you. I never thought that I would have dreams about you or miss being by your side or get butterflies in my stomach when someone mentions your name. When I first met you I never would have thought that I would love you. I think it is really romantic. Get a fancy card that is blank inside or even better make her a card.


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