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What should i write on his valentine’s day card?

were in high school and i have no clue what to write in his card! i also have him a rose and were going to lunch after school but the cards a blank….. we’ve been dating for two months but we also dted last year but broke up.. which we both regretted.. i’ve been head over heels for him since i first saw him the first day of ninth grade (which was last year.) any suggestions please? 🙂

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3 Responses to “What should i write on his valentine’s day card?”

  1. ǝılnɾ said:

    “I couldn’t imagine having any other Valentine but you.”
    “Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s make sure that we have the same valentines next year.”
    IDK something like that

  2. :] said:

    you should think about it yourslef.
    i guess it’s alright if you get ideas but you shouldn’t use them.
    i mean,it’s sapose to be from YOU not someone on yahoo answers.
    cause then your just taking credit from someone else.
    which isent romantic at all.

  3. skater said:

    This might sound cheesy but tell him what he means to you


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