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What should I write in his Valentine’s Day card?

I have this great friend, who I care deeply for. I thought and thought and thought about the perfect gift for him, and the best thing I could come up with is a card with a meaningful message inside. But the problem is, I don’t know what to write! He means the world to me, and since he’s leaving soon I want to tell him how much I’ll miss him and love him. (indirectly of course!) Any suggestions? Thanks

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9 Responses to “What should I write in his Valentine’s Day card?”

  1. InspirAsian © ™ said:

    simple Love you Always.

  2. EZ 18 said:

    happy valentines day

  3. livie :) said:

    it wont be very meaning full if people from Y!A wrote it.

  4. adiavoy said:

    You make me burn with desire,

  5. ILoveMyVampireDaschundFromHell said:

    Tell him exactly what you’ve just told us 🙂 Those are lovely things to say to him.

  6. rashida_16 said:

    Tell him exactly fow you feel, don’t hold back. Let all your emotions out.

  7. Amy C said:

    say that you will miss him very much and how much he means to you. and how u will miss him! I hope that helps

  8. jacketbacker1 said:

    How about: I really do care lots for you. I will miss you when you leave. You will always be in my heart, even though you may not be near physically. Please keep in touch with me! Happy Valentines Day, my dear friend!

  9. belpies said:

    well i don’t think we should be telling you what to write. tell him how much he means to you:) let your heart do the talking not always easy but that will make it so much more special. good luck and god bless you.


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