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What should I write in a valentines card to my crush?

I really fancy this girl and I’ve gotten her a valentines card and all that,she doesnt know I fancy her though.What should I write in the card ?like a poem or lyrics of a song would be awesome just general help really.Thanks!!!

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4 Responses to “What should I write in a valentines card to my crush?”

  1. L S said:

    basically just put how much you like them down into words, or subtly hint at memories you’ve shared together and how much you cherish them but don’t make it obvious its you 🙂

    or you could be simple and put something like this into a poem:
    your eyes
    your hair
    your smile
    your laugh
    etc etc

    hope it helps x

  2. Stephanie said:

    Words cannot describe to you,
    how i feel inside for you,
    don’t get me wrong, im not full of hate, i just
    see you more as a mate.

  3. Russell T said:

    Wow, tough one but I would write your feelings and avoid something silly.

    I found this page on do’s and don’ts for Valentine’s Day cards.
    It might help.

  4. nicole said:

    if you want to write something to a boy/girl on a V-day, you should fist say “you are really smart” depends in what subject. second thing you should write is “i seem to be really interested in you” and then it is up to you! plz reply 😛


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