What should i get as a valentines gift for my guy friend?

Okay, so i really like this cute guy and i knoe he likes me too. so we asked each other to be our valentine. but i dont know what to get him? i dont really want it to be a mushy lovey gift that’ll freak him out or sumthin? so what do guys like?

btw we’re like in middle school, nothin to take seriously just a valentine gift for the fun spirit of valentines day! any suggestions? ten points for best answer =D

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7 Responses to “What should i get as a valentines gift for my guy friend?”

  1. ♥xoxo♥ said:

    ROSES for sure buddy!!! but on v-day they cost way more $_$
    and…remember this different colour roses mean different relationships and i noe u dont wanna give the wrong one! xD

    Red roses mean romantic love; they’re the “Valentine roses,” par excellence.

    Purple, coral and orange challenge red as the color for Valentine roses. The rose color meanings for these 3 are as follows:
    The specific purpose of purple roses is to signify that the giver has fallen in love with the recipient at first sight.
    Meanwhile, coral and orange roses signal desire.

    The meaning of yellow roses is joy and friendship.

    We express our gratitude and appreciation with pink roses….

    While feelings of admiration and sympathy find words with roses that are light pink in color.

    Peach is more ambiguous, as it can signify either sympathy or gratitude.

    Their purity naturally enough lends to white roses the meaning of reverence and humility.

    What about black roses? Do they exist and, if so, what is the meaning? While no jet-black rose exists, there are some of such a deep red as to suggest black. E.g., Rosa ‘Black Magic.’ Alternatively, some florists dry fresh roses and dye them black. And the meaning? There is some disagreement on this point. Many say black represents death and can thus be used as a symbol to express vengeance towards a foe. But others interpret that more liberally, suggesting as a meaning for black roses the death of old habits, thus signalling rebirth.


  2. LilBittyAngel73089 said:

    Just get him a tiny pocket knife. Or even a T-shirt.

  3. Tessa said:

    A tinsy box of chocolates or something.

    I’m in High School (an all girls one) and we have a valentines exchange with the guys school. We give them chocolates and they give us roses. It’s fun.!

  4. Skylar R said:

    suprise him, kiss him. Do it fast and quik to beacause boys have no courage in this area

  5. hammer said:

    Get him a shirt made with a big picture of you on the front. For comical purposes, not crazy girl purposes. That would be hilarious.

    Get a subscription to a magazine. If he likes music, Rolling Stone. If he likes video games, Game Informer. If he likes sports, Sports Illusrated.

  6. honkifuluvme2220 said:

    two ideas that are really creative and cool

    go to bk bakery online and you can order fortune cookies with personalized messages inside them. you could put some cute sayings and maybe some of your guys’ inside jokes. he would appreciate that.

    or you can order m&m’s online and you can have a picture of you guys on it or a saying.

    they’re both good ideas but the m&m’s cost more than the fortune cookies
    for the cookies, a set of 25 cookies is about $18

    hope this helps!

  7. bug said:

    i got my bf a shirt and a matching hat. with some skittles (inside joke between us) and then a picture of us together.

    they love cologne or you could maybe get him a video game or a movie.


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