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What should i do to win my ex girlfriend back?

this past friday, me and my ex broke up me for unknown reasons. she told me that she wasnt happy being with me and was always depressed. and that it couldnt go no further. i tell her that it can work out we just need to talk about but she insists it cant. she got mad at me burning cds for my friends and says i care more about them then i do her which is not true. i told her im still in love with her and she says she do too, but she still wont get back with me. we even talk like were together. and even a few hours before that lil fight, she said she was happy being with me. what should i do to win her back? im very sure that i want to be with her but i dont know how to convince her that it can work between us, what should i do?

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7 Responses to “What should i do to win my ex girlfriend back?”

  1. Cassie said:

    just wait
    and let things happen if there suppose to
    you just need to chill and see if things go back to how they were
    if it doesnt happen again
    it wasnt ment to be

  2. shopaholic_789 said:

    Maybe she really does think that you don’t give her too much attention. you need to show her you are a caring, loving guy who cares about women. or shes just cheating on you. either way, good luck 🙂

  3. D-Cat said:

    Don’t do anything. Just be yourself, hang out with your friends, and if it’s meant to work out….it’ll work out.

    She sounds confused and fickle, which means she made a completely rash decision and will realize it later, or she has an entire sequence of plans for herself already laid out (and may already be a few steps into them). Either way, the chances of doing or saying just the right thing for her to get back together with you are really slim, especially if you force it.

  4. declaar said:

    my theory is never date a girl more then once……if you found spoiled milk in the fridge then checked it out couple hours later do you think the milk would get any better……OF COURSE NOT! if you really want to get back w/ her stop begging her to get back w/ you. Ever heard the old saying ” if you love something let it go and if it returns then it was meant to be” which I know goes completely against my theory and thats why I dont believe in it… stop being a chode and live your own life!

  5. frosty said:

    buy her candy and flowers and ask for a second chance in front of a bunch of people she cant reject you then, and to make sure she knows that she is the most important thing in your life do somthing for her every once and a while to show you care even if it is somthing little

  6. scar04 said:

    give her some space. she is confused. If you keep on asking questions, it’ll lead to a fight and she’ll hate talking to you eventually. give a little less time for each other and a little more time for yourself. I’m sure if both of you still feel the same way, it’ll work out.

  7. Blue flower said:

    I feel ur pain.Coz i m also going through it.4month running i m trying to get my bf back.Now i m praying to God for his return.Have faith in God And pray.This is the solution.


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