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What kind of valentine cards should i get for little girls?

I am a 10 year old and i don’t know what kind of valentine cards should i get? some don’t like Hannah Montana OMG huh! not Bratz were not 6! so please give me some opinions before Valentines Day Plz!

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3 Responses to “What kind of valentine cards should i get for little girls?”

  1. 86 days left, It's a girl! said:

    High School Musical…that’s what my adoptive daughter got for her friends…she’s your age.

  2. creekgirl1234 said:

    Maybe you could go to WalMart or HallMark or another big store where you’d have a large selection to choose from. Instead of trying to find cards each of your friends would like, choose ones you like and they’ll probably be fine for them also. Or have you thought about designing your own? There are lots of greeting card software that would show your creativity and could impress your friends.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Child of God said:

    That’s So Raven, Cheetah Girls, or just some cute girly cards should be fine.


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