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What is the best way to get a background check done for a nanny/babysitter without using an agency?

We have found someone to care for our children after school for 3 hours a day. We want to do a background check and anything else necessary. How would we go about it? We purposely aren’t using an agency so we can avoid paying agency fees.

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10 Responses to “What is the best way to get a background check done for a nanny/babysitter without using an agency?”

  1. semi273hemi said:

    If using IE you can use msn and a phone search that gives you the option to do a Intel background check…

    Good Luck,

  2. Michael M said:

    people search on line
    people finders web searches.
    maybe $10 or $20 need a credit card to do this

  3. **Charli** said:

    Get references!! Call them and check them out as well!

    Have a police check done on them. It doesn’t cost anything and gives correct advise, especially with name changes and things!!

  4. justincue7 said:

    when i wanted to choose a baby sitter I installed a nanny camera in the house…..then i advertised for a babysitter.. Then i watched what they have done through the day….i took me 2-3 months to find the right person..and i had interview with more than 40 people….so as you see finding the person you like is not easy but I did it that way and now i have two who have been with us for one year now and I am happy.

  5. snowberry said:

    If you live in the U.S., some states have background check forms that you can fill out and send away. For example, PA has two background check forms required of school employees. Try looking at the state education department’s website to see if your state has something similar.

  6. guideg said:

    You can try an online background check.

    Many databases are very sophisticated and contain every bit of information that you have ever given out in your life time. Some of them are public records. The telephone directory is a public record. Your property details are public record. There are hundreds of public records like marriage, birth, death, divorce records which if linked can give a complete record of a person.

    But there are not many database querying software that are sophisticated enough to do this.

    Most companies will charge you a lot of money to search the public records and information provided by third parties.

    Don’t get duped by some services which will give you nothing more than a address and a telephone number instead of the complete background check they promised in the first place.

    Before paying to get a background check done, put in all the information you have about the person into a file. Use Google to query with each of the pieces of information. You might find some crucial information this way. Try Yahoo and MSN too.

    If you are not satisfied with what you find or don’t have the time do this on your own find a reliable service that gives you the information you are seeking or offer a refund. Here’s one I used called –

    But I would really ensure that I get the most information I can get about this nanny/babysitter before I entrust my children with them, even if it costs money. Better safe than sorry when it comes to children.

  7. maggie m said:

    You can read
    “5 Essential Steps for Undertaking a Nanny Background Check” here:

    You can learn “How to do a free background Check”, here:

    You are wise to run a background search on any nanny that you hire, because she will be in charge of the most valuable thing you have, your children. Making a mistake on the wrong nanny can be catastrophic for your family.

  8. Clare R said:

    You can get Australian nanny background checks done at Home Buddies ( You’ll have to pay for the service, but they are pretty competitive. They do Police Checks and Working With Children Checks.

  9. staymay said:

    Your children are so much more important than paying agency fees.

    Go to one of those web sites that offer background checks. You will still have to pay a fee apx $30.

  10. Suzy said:

    You need to ask her for her references (at least 3 of them) and follow up on them. It doesn’t need to be people she’s worked for, could be professionals who have dealt with her for a number of years (doctor? lawyer?).

    And FOLLOW UP on the references, preferably meet with them face to face. You would be surprised how many people will give fake telephone numbers (the phone numbers of their friends, etc.). A meeting in a coffee shop for 20 minutes is not hard to organize (buy the reference a coffee!). When you do meet the reference, spend as much time asking them about themselves, than about the person you are thinking of hiring as a nanny (I’m sure you would not attribute the same importance to the opinion of someone who just got out of rehab as a doctor or accountant, for example).

    For a little bit of money, you can also get a credit report on any person you are thinking of hiring. This would tell you if they have ever filed for bankruptcy, whether they are always late in paying their bills, etc. I think a credit agency can also check if they have been sued in civil or criminal court. All of these things can become relevant when someone is working for you.

    The most important thing is to follow up on it and not decide to forget about the references because the person seems nice. A friend of mine just caught her nanny (on video) stealing money from her purse.

    Good luck.


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