What is a valentines gift a girl will like?

What would a girl like receiving more chocolates, Roses any other ideas ladies?

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9 Responses to “What is a valentines gift a girl will like?”

  1. Nina said:

    chocolates, roses and a teddy bear. usually any girl will love this.

  2. The Computer Nerd said:


  3. Karen~Loves~Music said:

    Something personal xD

  4. Amy said:

    Make her a coupon book filled with coupons she will love (i.e. taking time to watch the sunset with her or watching her favorite movie with her and other stuff like that).

  5. Nikki said:

    a teddy bear 🙂 …and just like, a single rose, or a small box of chocolate…but any girl loves getting a teddy bear from her guy 🙂

  6. Ra said:

    write her a song/play it for her!

  7. EmilyP said:

    I like the Computer Nerd’s answer. How about making dinner at home? It sucks going out to dinner tonight anyways. Flowers are nice in addition.

  8. Katherine said:

    Get her something she’ll actually use. Something as simple as hair ties goes a long way. But if you’ve been with her for a while you need to back that cheap gift up with something that’s more from the heart. You could make her a card with something really sweet written inside or take her to the place you went for your first date. But if you ARE going to stick with the basics, chocolate is the way to a lady’s heart. Just be sure to get her the kind she actually enjoys, if not then your efforts will all be in vain.

  9. Alex Xander said:

    I gave my baby a 100% hand made painting from her favorite photo. Here’s a neat source I used: http://www.paintedsouvenirs.com


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