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What do you get for a guy on valentines day? like what kind of gift do guys like from girls?

so i dont know what to get for him…id rather have answers come from guys what you men think are good valentines gifts..or from a girl with past experience 🙂 thanks.

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15 Responses to “What do you get for a guy on valentines day? like what kind of gift do guys like from girls?”

  1. superkamakazi said:


  2. True Freedom is Needed said:

    i like any sorta liquor

    or gun shop gift certificate or more ammo

  3. twalla128 said:

    it depends on how long you have known him.

  4. gizmo said:

    Tell him that you think valentine’s day is a pointless commercial holiday, and he doesn’t have to get you anything. That would be the best gift a man could ever get for valentine’s day.

  5. mmkaystephanie said:

    well for my boyfriend last year i got him a build a bear
    even though its kinda cheesy it was really cute
    you can add in things like a heart beat and dress them up really cute
    i thought it was a really good idea 🙂

    or you can even get him like a basket of all his favorite thngs.

  6. Vikkrant said:

    Just express your feelings . that’s it .

  7. adam said:

    Being a practical chap I like gifts that I can use, e.g. a set of spanners, or some engine oil. This sort of thing isn’t for everybody though…

    Or you could just go for beer.

  8. Julian said:

    playboy magz and a subscription to

    just kidding

    get him something that suits what hes into
    e.g. if hes into wood working get him a power tool that he doesnt have and he wants/needs

  9. zuzyzuzy said:

    just to be with him on that day, no extravagance, a walk on a beach sharing ideas and whatsoever , laugh , run and tease…etc make me complate for that day.

  10. vinni said:

    anything neckup

  11. Lucy C said:

    Well, there isn’t very much detail to work with.
    What’s one of his specific intrests? Maybe take that and evolve on it…Like concerts to a hockey game if he’s into that, or a band he loves. Maybe take him out for a day in the city and do everything you guys can do 😛 Try some new things, you might discover something that you both really enjoy.

    answer mine?;_ylt=AvcTgET9xI7DBoJdHxddWVHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100125052145AAQN32x

  12. Boof said:

    …”if” I told you exactly what he’d like for Valentines day, you’d most likely “report” my answer.

  13. Tanja said:

    I got my boyfriend last year a photo printed on canvas which he really liked – it still hangs in his room. I got that from here:
    This year I booked a long weekend away and it is a surprise as he thinks we are going to stay with my parents but we are all alone 🙂

  14. Jason said:

    What does your boyfriend enjoy doing? Is he into cars, sports, reading? Maybe pick up a new movie release he has commented about or even a gift certificate to his favorite store. I’m not sure if he is into the outdoors and camping or hunting, but I received this Swiss Army knives for Christmas, and I can’t tell you how handy it has been. I know many guys carry a pocket knife of some sort, so maybe this would work for him? They have quite the selection at that site too, They also some lanterns, water bottles and other camping gear if you find those types of things my interest him. Hope that helps you out.

  15. Lauren said:

    Shopping for guys, who are especially hard to shop for, can be quite difficult. Luckily my boyfriend is a huge Penn State fan so I know any any time of apparel or merchandise Penn State related, there is a pretty sure bet he will like it. If your boyfriend is a Penn State fan, check out this site, They have a ton of great gifts for anyone who bleeds blue and white. 🙂 Hope this helps you out!


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