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What are some good valentines gift ideas for men?

This is my first boyfriend and I don’t really know what guys like. Dx If it was my friend I would just get her some flowers but… yeah. It has to be something I could send to Germany because he’s currently staying there and it has to be under 13 dollers cause I don’t have no money but nothing TOO cheap. He’s 20 btw if that helps at all.

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3 Responses to “What are some good valentines gift ideas for men?”

  1. stephyrae05 said:

    The best gift is a really nice letter/card that tell how you feel. Maybe spend money on decorating it with things and postage. You can put some pictures in the package for him of you or his friends or family!

  2. purple lady said:

    get him a cd if you know what type of music he likes.

  3. kharizma c said:

    a teddy bear and creative card


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