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What are some creative Valentine card ideas?

Every year, I like to make unique valentine cards for my friends. One year, I took about 40 lollipops and used hearts with holes punched in at the ends to make flowers (that took a while). Also, I helped my sister make matchboxes covered with paper with candy inside (they turned out amazing). Please help with some new ideas (links are appreciated)!!! thank you!

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2 Responses to “What are some creative Valentine card ideas?”

  1. Sweet n Sour said:

    These Hershey kisses made into little mice are cute valentines:

    Or you could do a puzzle, make a valentine on posterboard then cut it into puzzle pieces.

    Or buy an actual puzzle, and write a message on the precut pieces.

  2. Lane Syring said:

    My personal computer can’t manage a software firewall so I am hoping the actual built-in firewall of my Linksys Wireless-G Switch will be suitable.


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