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What age do Babies start crying for Mommy? Like if you give him to a babysitter or someone else?

I’m just wondering because my son is 9 months old, and doesnt seem to care if I leave him with someone else like when I go to work. Its a stranger to him, But i know the babysitter. Or if someone else holds him he doesnt get fussy or cry for me to hold him, he seems like he doesnt care. What age do they usually start doing that?

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6 Responses to “What age do Babies start crying for Mommy? Like if you give him to a babysitter or someone else?”

  1. the_weasley_in_me said:

    If he hasn’t done it yet, he probably won’t. Chances are that it’s just a part of his personality; it’s nothing to worry about (as long as you know who he’s with)!

    All babies are different, and your son may just be a “people person”! 🙂 Consider it a blessing, because some moms can’t ever hire a babysitter because their children won’t allow them to leave.

  2. emmy_nicole27 said:

    Some kids want their moms when they are like 6 months old and others just like every body. My 9 month old daughter is just starting to cry when I walk away but her babysitter is grandma and she has been around her since she was born so she don’t really care when I leave.

  3. sharon w said:

    my wee one is 9 months the now and going through wanting the mummy stage the now so maybe your wee one is not going to be strange with anyone

  4. TwinsPlus1 said:

    My husband swears that my son cries for me and has since he was born.

    My thoughts, it’s an excuse to get out of taking care of him and the twins for me! The only other person who has taken care of him for us is my father-in-law and he said that my son was fine and easily soothed.

  5. miss statistic said:

    My son is 8 1/2 months old and is the exact same way. He doesn’t care who’s holding him, even if he’s never seen them before. He also doesn’t care if I leave him with someone while I run errands or go to appointments. He’s been like this ever since birth, so I’m assuming he’s not ever going to be a clingy baby.

  6. Landon's Momma & TTC#2 said:

    my son will be 1 next saturday and he doesnt care who has him. he never cries for me


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