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Valentines gift for the girl I like?

Alright I like this girl in my youthgroup (She and I are good friends) & I want to give her something special this valentines day. The only problem is that she already has a boyfriend :(. I am looking for a gift that will hint at the fact that I like her, but without actually telling her. (No dates)
Thanks in advance
I would prefer to make the gift myself… But buying roses, chocolates, etc. is fine
I have given her extravagant(ish) gifts before. The most extravagant gift I have given her is rabbit fur

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4 Responses to “Valentines gift for the girl I like?”

  1. muahh.. said:

    eeekkkk…. if she has a boyfriend, sorry sweetie, but, DONT GET HER A GIFT….. just get her a “friends” v-day card, but THATS IT!!!

  2. Shlomit D said:

    Why don’t you give her a small box of chocolates, nothing to extravagance. or one of does cops were they put chocolates. Well I think is a good idea like this it won’t look to extravagance it would sem like a normal friendship like she would have with her other friends. or you could see what her friends give her and do the same thing.

  3. amazone said:

    no roses cause she already has a boyfriend and this might scare her a bit,…being i girl myself i would recommend a cute teddy bear with a tiny heart!!! NOTHING BIG! we don’t want sth huge!!!

    if u are good at drawing make a portrait of her!!

    good luck!

  4. Zobo said:

    Well, giving her a present on Valentines day, is a big indication that you like her anyway!
    So maybe you could get her something a bit personal between you and her. Or just something little!
    Like, a charm for a charm bracelet, or a CD of a mutual favorite band. Or a bar of her favorite chocolate and a single rose. After all, its the thought that counts. And personally for me, I would be very happy with just a card.
    But bear in mind, that she does already have a boyfriend. So giving her a gift, probably won’t make her fall flat on her feet for you, but it will just slyly let her know that you are interested. Hopefully she will find it sweet! And you never know where that will end up.

    Good luck for Saturday.


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