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Valentines day gift ideas for my boyfriend?

What are some valentines day gift ideas that I could get for my boyfriend? We’re both freshman in high school.

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6 Responses to “Valentines day gift ideas for my boyfriend?”

  1. neleigh. said:

    ohh you know what he wants.

  2. Questioner said:


  3. [email protected] said:

    Make, Create something that would be more valuable than lots of things you can buy.

  4. - мιяαвєℓℓα ♥ said:

    I’m pretty sure he wants a bl*wjob, but if you mean something to buy?

    Maybe some cologne, something to do with the sport he plays, t-shirt, poster, CDs, cake or cookies, video game, voucher to his fave shop, DVD, something that he likes.

  5. said:

    cod. lol. get him some xbox thing if he has one, ask his friends for good games that he doesnt have.

    or if you want something kind of romantic, get him a picture frame and put a picture of you two in it. then, behind the picture but in front of the thing that holds the frame up, write a note and stick it in there for him to find in the future. its cute and he won’t find it for awhile 🙂

    happy early valentines day 🙂

  6. gluebottle said:

    Coitus is a great gift


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