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Sweet and cheap Valentines day gift?

I’ve bought my Guy everything…From a nice watch to wii games to a scrapbook, and i’ve already bought him three gifts, but I want to make something personal and sweet since i know he was planning on making me a scrapbook this Valentines day. Any Ideas?

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7 Responses to “Sweet and cheap Valentines day gift?”

  1. blondie said:

    Make him some homemade candy or cookies. If you can sew, make him a scarf or a shirt.

  2. MWAH. said:

    For my former boyfriend,

    I had a cute sweet idea 🙂

    well first, I went to hobby lobby (an arts and crafts store) and bought a heart-shaped box. Next I bought a package of the heart candies, and then a spool of lace. I went home and decorated the box, lining the hearts around the corner, and the lace underneath the hearts. next, throughout months, I wrote down our memories on little slips of paper, folded them, and put them in there. It was cute and he loved it 🙂

  3. <3 said:

    a really detailed card with 100 reasons why you love him=) or a build a bear that says “i love you”.

  4. Wasting Time ---> said:

    video game
    dvd favorite movie or music group they like
    cd of music
    sports dvd
    gift card to their favorite store
    gift card to their favorite fast food place
    techno gadget of some kind….just search this, you will find a lot…
    balloon bouquet
    A basket of food samples, such as cookies, crackers etc…..guys love food! Lol
    does he collect anything? add to his collection

  5. Maryann said:

    I have many Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make or buy at my blog.

  6. chocolate00 said:

    With the economy being the way it is right now, there are many things that you can do from home that can be very romantic and save you alot of money!
    Here are some ideas
    1. Breakfast in bed
    2. Write a love letter and put it in a bottle
    3. Romantic, sweet, or erotic coupons
    4. Rent a movie and enjoy it together
    5. Romantic walk at the beach/park

    I’ve written out a more details at a how to site :

    Hope it helps! Enjoy 🙂

  7. cardiff1944 said:

    Here’s a quick, easy and inexpensive idea for a Valentine’s day gift, yet one that is very personal: make him a digital scrapbook page at CropMom, then have the page printed on the cover of a lined notebook or coffee mug or travel mug at Snapfish or Shutterfly.

    CropMom is an online scrapbooking site where you can upload your own photos, then make a digital scrapbook page using your photos and CropMom’s graphics. You can add your own text, too. It’s free to use. If you like the layout you’ve made, purchase the high-resolution JPEG file (it’s cheap) and then upload it to Shutterfly or Snapfish. Have it turned into a photo mug or the cover of a lined spiral notebook.

    It makes a very personal gift, yet’s extremely professional looking and it won’t cost a lot.


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