So whats a really neat idea for valentines to get or do for my fiance?everyone answer! PLEASE?

He HATES sports so not that. He isn’t into a lot of lovey stuff but he likes some, long as it isn’t overboard. Any good ideas that are unique. what could i get . I only have 40 bucks.

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2 Responses to “So whats a really neat idea for valentines to get or do for my fiance?everyone answer! PLEASE?”

  1. barrel_racer193 said:

    what i got my guy was a ton of those “mini” or “fun” sized valentines candy. they sell em in big bags for like when you were in 2nd grade and exchanged valentines with everyone haha and they only cost like $2.00 a bag. then all i did was put it in a red gift bad with white tissue paper and tied some white and pink ribbon to the top and curled that. get a medium/small sized bag so you can fill it to the top with candy! dont forget a card. and voula, it looks really nice and like you put some thought and time into it, costs next to nothing, and isnt too lovey dovey or awkward to give to him. for the card, i would get a blank one and write it yourself though, once again to avoid that awkward part of the whole thing. a good idea of what to write on the card is “have a sweet valentines day” :] hope this helps you out and that your valentines day goes good! if you want something a little more expensive, throw in a few $5 or $10 gift cards to different of his favorite places!

  2. cutiep1e0209 said:

    1. Plan and make your partner’s favorite meal at home. Instead of waiting for a table at an overcrowded, less-than-intimate restaurant, set the table with your good china, and plan out a menu complete with an appetizer, first course, main dish and dessert. Don’t forget to light some candles and put on some romantic music in the background.

    2. Go for a scenic drive. If you have “special spots” where important moments have happened in your relationship, go to each place and talk about the memories.

    3. Write a love letter. How long has it been since you wrote a love letter to your special someone? Take the time to tell him or her the reasons you care in a handwritten letter that is sure to be treasured for all time.

    4. Create a coupon book. Sure, it might seem a little cheesy to sit with construction paper and markers to make up a coupon book, but it’s so much fun for the recipient to “cash-in” on the coupons! You can make them for whatever you think he or she will enjoy, from routine daily chores to intimate moments – just have fun with it!

    5. If you and your partner live together (or you have access to their home!) consider taking a day off from work and sneaking in to clean up and decorate for the evening’s festivities! Once everything is in it’s place, give the furniture a quick dust, vacuum and wash floors, put some potpourri into boiling water to spread the scent, and set up for a picnic (on the bed or living room floor). When your partner comes home, surprise them with a basket full of snacks or dinner, and enjoy relaxed, quiet time together.

    6. Make chocolate covered fruit.

    7. Make a music CD of all your partner’s favorite songs, or songs that have meant something to you as a couple. Remember making mixed-tapes as teenagers? Use your computer to put together a compilation CD.

    8. Put together a video slide show of photographs and/or short video clips of you and your partner’s relationship together. You can use Windows Movie Maker (free on most PCs) and add captions and fun effects to liven it up and add personality. Burn it to DVD and watch it together.

    9. Forget the store bought cards! (Sorry Hallmark!) Get out some construction paper, scissors, stickers and crayons and markers and go to town making a pretty handmade card. It will mean far more than the store bought variety, and you might surprise yourself and enjoy doing it.

    10. Take a moonlit walk. Much of the country is still quite cold in February, so be sure to bundle up and dress appropriately for the weather. There’s something about strolling together under the stars in the moonlight that is extremely romantic and relaxing. Take a step back from the fast-paced world and reconnect through conversation.

    11. Keep an eye on the newspaper, local events channel on your television, and/or the bulletin boards around town. If there are free events at museums or other establishments – take advantage of them and enjoy one another’s company doing something new.

    12. If you and your partner typically stay home all the time, you can go out on the town for a change of scenery and not spend a ton of money. Go to a local coffee shop and enjoy a hot beverage of your choice and share a dessert. Don’t rush through it like you would on a normal day – linger at the table with your beverage and snack and talk about the past, the present and the future of your relationship.

    13. Try your hand at writing a poem. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you can put some thoughts down on paper (rhyming or not) in poem form, and give to your partner who is sure to love it.

    14. Take a photograph of yourself (mild or wild, the choice is yours!!) and put it in a frame for your partner to place on their bedside table.

    15. Do you have a rewards credit card? Find out if you have any rewards to redeem! You can use the points for dinner out or for a hotel room, depending on the rewards program. Many people have rewards credit cards and forget all about the rewards they’ve earned.

    16. Draw your partner a bath (or perhaps make a bath for two?) Add great smelling bubbles, and put on some soft music. Even if you aren’t sharing the tub together, stick around and chat, wash your partner’s back, give a massage.

    17. Sprinkle the floor from the front door to the bedroom with rose petals. Add some rose petals to the bed itself! If this is a little too bold for the stage your relationship is currently in, you can use rose petals to decorate the table cloth or float them in a dish with a floating candle.

    18. Create a handmade scrapbook of your relationship. Add photographs, love notes from the past (or current, if you still write them!), add a love poem or new letter.

    19. Surprise your electronic-gadget loving partner with a new folder of songs on their iPod or MP3 player. Make it songs they love or recognize from different events in your relationship.

    20. Give a lengthy massage with no expectations for something in return.



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