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Should i try to get my ex girlfriend back?

Im the usual guy i guess and im not sure whats wrong with me i really really reaallly want to get my ex girlfriend back and i can never get her off my mind its been like a year now and its really bugging me and if you think i should any suggestions on what i should say?

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36 Responses to “Should i try to get my ex girlfriend back?”

  1. Gedsadf D said:

    i dunno maybe ur gay

  2. Skills said:

    I would need to see her naked.

  3. kc said:

    try to get her back if you really love her if not move on…let her breathe.

  4. old lady said:

    Is she interested in coming back? Have you talked to her in the past year? It’s got to be a two-way decision.

  5. baby boo said:

    yes if u think u should then go for it

  6. darlene r said:

    move on dude, there are lots of worthwhile girls out there. if she has not come back to you in a year, she does not want to.

  7. JT said:

    honestly i think that if a relationship wasnt strong enough to make it through the first time then it aint worth givin it another try…

  8. superman=0 R said:

    i think you should get her back!

  9. Kelly said:

    It depends on why you broke up really. Depending on circumstances, I usually go with “exes are exes for a reason”.

    But if it was minor, maybe go for it!

  10. im G said:

    mann u otta get over her cuz she over u lol
    go get sum other chick

  11. sholomite said:

    you shouldn’t try to get back with your ex. if you really want her back, you need to date other women and make her jealous that you are going out with so many women. and then, she will be interested in you. but by that time, you probably won’t be interested in her…

  12. Kathleen said:

    It really depends. Why is she an ex in the first place?

    If you want her back just because you can’t have her, think twice. If you want her back because you truly love her then think about why you’re not together right now. There has to have been some good reasons. Think carefully before you make a move to do anything.

  13. laik72 said:

    Have you even tried to date other women?

    Give your ex a call and ask her if she wants to get together for a drink. If she says yes happily, you might have a shot, if she makes excuses, move on.

  14. Christina said:

    Whatever you said right here..
    just tell her honestly, if she understands then fine..and if she doesn’t then leave her..this was your destiny..

    Don’t loose without a last try..!! be honest..

  15. gothika said:

    No you should move ahead and not look back

  16. xoxo3030 said:

    tell her that, tell her how you feel and that you still think about her. girls like that. maybe ask her to go to dinner with you and you can remind her of how much fun your relationship used to be and how you should of never broke up 🙂

  17. SamuriXD said:

    if she broke up with you then NO but if you broke up with her then you can well apologize

  18. Julie said:

    There is an ex in front of ex girlfriend for a reason. A year is too long to realize you want her back.

  19. Sabrina<3 said:

    Yes, sure sometimes you have to leave to know how you feel. I am back with mine and he’s great so far:)

  20. ScroogexJones said:

    Maybe you’re gay? Wtf kind of answer is that?
    Uh anyway
    Just say those exact words to her. Be honest. I mean it’s been this long you gotta do SOMETHING. Don’t let it wait any longer, just tell her you want her back && WHY you want her back && why she should TAKE you back.
    Best of luck!

  21. cool gal said:

    Well if she broke up with you no
    never talk to her again and pretend
    you don’t care. It’s her loss. If you broke up with her
    and there isn’t a good reason YOUR A BIG JERK!!!
    been there done that lol.

  22. sese said:

    take it slow and dont force it k take her out like on a date but always bring flowers make sure she likes them

  23. Lifes a breeze said:

    chucke chuckle my morning buckle

  24. arnery_dog said:

    If theres any chance in hell of getting back together, be cold but yet civil to her. Women dont like someone thats easy and predictable.

    My personal advice is move on. There are just too many women out there to try and force something to work.

    What takes your mind off a woman? Another woman.!!

  25. iheartcavs said:

    That is really sweet. Tell her exactly what you told us. All this time has gone by and i can’t get you off my mind. I’m interested in seeing if we could give this a second try. That is so romantic! good luck!!

  26. AaronD said:

    Say something eloquent and witty. If she still is your ex then you’re aiming too low.

    Saying something witty may be a challenge for you considering your monstrous run on disaster of a sentence.

    Good luck.

  27. Karisse said:

    If you loved her and really do miss her, then Yes you should try getting her back. But make sure you guys are in contact because it would be weird just disappearing and then suddenly come out of no were and ask for her back. Also make sure she doesn’t have a bf. You don’t wanna look like a douche. But you also got to think of why you guys broke up in the first place. Try asking her on a few dates and see what she’s been up to. Try reconnect with her. Just ask her the typical how she been I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

  28. Marsea said:

    Ugh, i know what you mean, i’ve been this way for a year now too. i miss my ex at times, but then i remember why we broke up.

    I guess it’s that feeling of being in “love” and spending “good” time with that is causing you to be this way.

    Only you know….
    Look DEEP inside if you really want to be with this chick
    Make a pros and cons list

    Good Luck!!

    P.S. i agree w/ Karisee too 🙂

  29. anjel2321 said:

    Truth is always good. Girls like to be once who are you dieing for 🙂
    But there is already maybe someone else. Just ask her go out that you would like to talk to her about something and know how is she doing. Do like anything serious is going on just that you want to talk. But! make for her fantastic evening. You know her you have to know what she likes. Dont tell her what you feel t her dont try to kiss her. Just make her feel perfect with you. Then just say bye and that is it. If you are sure that everything went perfect dont call her 2 days or maybe better ask her for email or IM. You need to interest her again than made her think about you and than after 2 days call her or contact her at IM or email and ask her to go out again. If she goes, make again prefect date but at the end tell her truth or just kiss her 🙂
    good luck

  30. Bellevedere2009 said:

    It’s difficult to say for sure not knowing all the details of why you two broke-up to begin with. However, if you really want to get your ex girlfriend back, you will need to make the first move. Simply call her up and ask her what she’s been up to. Once the conversation gets rolling and if things are going well, then ask if she would like to go to dinner. If you get this far, you’ll know what to do after that. Just play it cool, don’t rush into anything about getting back together right off the bat. Give yourself a chance to get to know one another again. Besides, you might find out it’s not really what you want after all.
    Good Luck!

  31. CamdenM said:

    The first step is definitely to start up the communication between you again. There are many different ways to do that, but like Bellevedere2009 said, keep it casual and relaxed when you make contact. Don’t just call her and dump all of your feelings on her at once, honesty and sharing your feelings are good things, but the timing has to be right.

    You can do it, you have nothing to lose and you know what you have to gain.
    Check out my article in the resource box, 3 ways to get your girlfriend back.

  32. Jay said:

    First thing first, it is absolutely normal that you really really want your ex girlfriend back because it is never easy to get her off your head. I have had my fair share of experience with it before. It sux a lot knowing that you just can’t move on without her.

    Regardless of the circumstances of how you two broke up, I do seriously think that if you feel like wanna get her back, just do it !!! Life is too short for you to hesitate and pause.

    If you are serious about getting her back, here’s my #1 recommended solution: (Note: it is more effective than “the magic of making up” as it has a success rate of >80% on how to get your ex girlfriend back)

  33. donna said:

    You cannot give up on someone you truly love and if it is not love then get rid of them fast.

    I think you need to answer a few simple questions.

    Can you life apart from your ex?
    Does your ex compliment your qualities?
    Do you enjoy the company and like to spend with them?

    Read up on some of the ebooks available online that can help you decide and ask you these questions.

    And finally do what your heart think is best for you.
    Stop thinking too hard 🙂

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