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Should I try and hookup with this girl, and if yes, how do I do it?

Well, you see, I have a friend and she’s like SUPER mean to me. All my friends and my brother tell me that she likes me. Anyways I want to know, should I try and hookup with her, and if yes, how do i go in for it without making it awkward?

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One Response to “Should I try and hookup with this girl, and if yes, how do I do it?”

  1. Parker said:

    This could go like three different ways. Either she really is mean to you for a reason and will slap you for even trying anything, or she really does like you and will be excited that you are making a move, therefore go with it, OR she could like you, but get kind of upset that you think of her as just someone to hook up with. Next time you are with her and you guys are alone, just be really flirty. Physically and verbally. Tell her it turns you on when shes mean to you or something along those lines, and just be really touchy feely. If you are getting good vibes and she is going with it, just get close to her and go in for a kiss. Then I’m sure you know how to take it from there.


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