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No valentine card or flowers?

I have been on 4 dates with a guy this month but he never sent me a card on Valentine’s day and no flowers either. Do you think this means he is not interested in me? We went out a date Wednesday night and I am seeing him again this weekend. I could not see him last night as I was working late.

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12 Responses to “No valentine card or flowers?”

  1. nicole said:

    maybe you will get something when you see him this weekend….just wait and see before you think anything

  2. Francesca Thomas said:

    maybe he thinks its too soon,

    If he sends you one – maybe you think he’s committing to a relationship and he ‘s not ready to be that committed – not yet anyway.

    The real test is if he does or does not send you anything for your birthday – or Xmas – which ever comes first.

  3. Regina said:

    I’ve been married 45 years, sweetie, and altho I remembered my husband on Valentine’s Day, he did not remember me. Hurts a lot. If you need the kind of man who is thoughtful, then do not settle for less.

  4. emmie8750 said:

    Since you had to work, maybe he’s waiting for the weekend when he will be able to see you. I wouldn’t sweat it…I had to postpone my V-Day celebration with my bf because he was out of town yesterday.

  5. deejay1620 said:

    At least you have dated. The only “Happy Valentine’s Day” I got was from the 10-year-old daughter of a friend of mine. Not that I didn’t appreciate it, but you know what I mean.

  6. lilly said:

    Does he treat you with respect?

    Do you do things that both of you enjoy( movies, dinner, etc)?

    Just because someone does not give you flowers , cards, gifts.
    Does not always mean they aren’t interested.

    My husband of 20 yrs didn’t do that stuff and still doesn’t. Christmas, no gift giving nor birthdays either. His view on it which I didn’t understand at first , but do now. Is things don’t mean much when people are expecting them. Its better when you see something they may like and get it. No matter what day it is

  7. scorpio88 said:

    Maybe he’s like me and realizes Valentines Day is a waste of money. You’re so lucky he didn’t send you anything. Think about it, EVERY other guy out there is doing the exact same thing because they feel “obligated” to.

    I don’t know about you, but I’d wait for the guy who sent me flowers and a card on March 23. July 9. November 25. January 14. Not Feb. 14 because everyone else is doing it.

  8. Frank said:

    He probaby
    1. can’t afford anything right now,
    2. doesn’t think you two are officially in a relationship and would hate to see you respond negatively if he gave you something this soon,
    3. he’s gonna give you something the next time he see’s you,
    4. or he’s just a numb head.

  9. Devil's Nephew said:

    I think it is a wrong of him, are you guys seeing other people as well?, i mean like dating other people as well to see which ones are right., like speed dating?

  10. jenny garcia said:

    well maybe he jst is trying to take things very slow or he jst dnt kno what to get a great gurl lyk you

  11. Jennifer Garcia AKA Gummy bear said:

    well i jst recently broke up with my bff but lyk i siad i love the guy i told him and he feels the same way…=]

  12. jennifer garcia said:

    yea maybe he can’t but im pretty sure he is into you


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