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Is this a good idea for a valentines gift or is it too corny?

I think i’m going to get a bunch of kiddy valentines cards and inside of them write different parts of lyrics to different songs that in the past 9 months have been a big part of our relationship, and tape a kiss (hershey’s) on the inside of each of them till i fill up a big bag?
I might make a mix CD with all the songs on it and put it at the bottom of the bag so when he is done digging and reading he can jam out :]

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4 Responses to “Is this a good idea for a valentines gift or is it too corny?”

  1. Mrs. Campbell said:

    I think it sounds cute! But, the kisses may be a bit too much. Maybe get him something more manly along with it to make up for him having to take all those kisses off each paper. Like, concert tickets, or even a hoodie or shoes.

  2. TIM said:

    I don’t think it’s that corny but rather time consuming. Do the CD with one card and a love letter.

  3. Wagen said:

    Depends on your age. If you are 13 or 14 go for it! Dollar General has $1 Kiddy Valentines. I agree the Hershey Kisses are too much. Hallmark cards has a nice CD out for Valentine’s Day. See below.

  4. amy said:

    The kisses aren’t too much! Cute idea! 🙂


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