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is it possible to get my ex girlfriend back?

we have been broken up for a couple of months now.but i dont know y we broke up.we never fought or anything. we havent really been in contact with each other. and she goes to a different school to. but i just cant stop thinking of her and i still want to be with her.i still have feelings for her.

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9 Responses to “is it possible to get my ex girlfriend back?”

  1. Ej j said:

    Call her

  2. Bob S said:

    Tell her you want her to be your gf again

  3. Isabella O said:

    Call her.

    Tell her how you feal…

    listen to what she has to say DO NAWT BLOCK HER OUT! DO NAWT INTERUPT HER when u both talk at tha same time say no u talk i want 2 listen. be urself be flirtatious…girls are complicated but we girls can be understood…

  4. italiana liz said:

    Go to her house when you know she is there and tell her how you feel! She will be suprised 🙂 Face-to-face is always the way to win back a girl! Good Luck!!

  5. John said:

    They say that about 90 percent of the time there is a good chance you can get an ex back after a break up.  Knowing the steps to take to get an ex back will help you out greatly.  The first step is to figure out what went on to cause the break up.  You can learn from past mistakes (even though you can’t change them) and try to grow from there experiences.

    Your break up may have come from a one time occurrence, or possibly came from things your ex couldn’t cope with anymore.  Whatever the reasons for the break up you need to get the details figured out should the situation come around again.  You can get an ex back if you know how, but to make it work for the long haul you need to know what went wrong in the first place.

  6. Zelwegger said:

    I’ll keep it short:

    Do nothing. Don’t call her, or text her, or try to hang out with her.

    If your not getting what you give, then level.

    I’m not saying move on, just show her you can be independent and that your life doesn’t revolve around her. I promise she’ll notice that you don’t call as much. I don’t need to explain why because I’m sure you know what I’m getting at.

    Good Luck

  7. Calgarian2K6 said:

    Possible…? Absolutely ; probable…? well it depends on what you do John. Let me be very blunt about what that all the girls are saying here who are suggesting you call her…..DON’T, it won’t work!

    I agree with Zellwegger, that you have to act uninterested. Don’t ignore her, but suggest that you have more important things to do than to run after her. This goes against conventional thinking, but it’s the only thing that works. I could continue on and on…..

  8. austin said:

    man look im goin through the same exact problem exactly like ur im mean exactly like but i am startin to get pissed off wen she talks to boys so maybe we shud flirt wit alot of gurls and shell wan us back and do like im doin get real tone lift weight ect and she’ll might find u atractev again my myspe is $single$austin/LIL E add me if u have one we shud talk bout dis

  9. Maria M said:

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