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Is it OK to pick up men at the Valentine Card section?

but……..thats where all the hot ones are…….

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7 Responses to “Is it OK to pick up men at the Valentine Card section?”

  1. ♪♫Strawberry Fields Forever♪♫ said:

    sure. you probably have a pretty good chance actually.

    they’re usually all miserably looking for cards and probably really pissed off at their significant others at that moment…

    you could totally cheer one up by telling them you don’t care about valentine’s day. i think they’d find it refreshing.

  2. Anita said:

    lo, no it’s not good.
    but, you know, you can…. no one’s gonna stop you.

  3. feee said:

    sure and help him pick out a sympathy card cuz you are going take him away from his girl!! good Q

  4. Dreena said:

    As long as hes not buying some one else a card.

  5. 70RR said:

    If you can get away with it then hey, why not.

  6. kiss my funstuff said:

    Yeh, then you might get one who cares… but not about you someone else probably…

  7. kitty said:

    No dont think so.. They are desperate as you are so you never know what you will end up with. You sure have a lot of thumbs down on this one.


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