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is anyone else making a date with yahoo answers on valentines day?

i know i am, heck maybe ill meet someone spectacular and be happy 😀 wooo!

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14 Responses to “is anyone else making a date with yahoo answers on valentines day?”

  1. Mariessa said:

    im sorry for that. you need to go out anyway that is how you meet people

  2. Mr. President said:

    I am

  3. ☮♥Oh My Lanta♥☮ said:
  4. Nostalgic for Disaster said:

    i will…*sigh*

  5. Koyaanisqatsi said:

    I’m having a date with Brazzers

  6. Pitybluesboy said:

    Damn skippy. The Judge gave me visiting rights to the computer.

  7. Commander Blip said:

    Second answerer is a pedophile.

    And no, I’m not.

  8. tayswang said:

    I’ll be your valentine! <33
    I think that is cute, I've always thought finding someone on the internet was really romantic.

  9. Deng....? said:


  10. ♥♫FEEL THE HEAT☼ said:

    we are not actually here we are all just in your mind… you don’t even own a computer and there is no such thing as the internet

  11. me said:

    That would be lame.
    No, I’m not. I’m watching action films and pounding down chocolate turtles.

  12. shannie _is_awesome_ said:

    lmao yes i am sadly :/

  13. Elizabeth <3 said:

    Yes since I have no nobody to celebrate valentines day with. But oh well!

  14. mclovin said:

    OOH OOH! i am i am!!!!!!!! 🙁


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