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I’m a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl, looking for ideas on what to where on a valentines date? Help Please!

Well, we have dating for about 8.5 months now, so he knows me and he knows that I practically live in my jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and tennis shoes. I basically have no fashion sense. As you all know next week is valentines day, so we are obviously going out. He will most likely be wearing his usual- jeans and a button up shirt and cowboy boots(so nothing fancy really). We wont be going anywhere fancy either, but I want to surprise him and dress up just a little for the occasion. I still want to do jeans, but I am looking for some ideas for tops and shoes, and probably accesories. Not to fancy, but femenine and sexy in a simple way. I want somthing that says “sexy and confident”, but nothing overly drastic. Also, I am a college student on a limited budget so less expensive items or store ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Much for your help! I really do appreciate it! 🙂 Happy early Valentines Day to all of you!

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14 Responses to “I’m a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl, looking for ideas on what to where on a valentines date? Help Please!”

  1. x s said:

    OUtfit 1
    shoes( in white)
    Accessories (in sliver)

    OUTFIT 2:

    OUTFIT 3

    jacket 1 (in red)


    Jacket 2 ( either or would look great)



    OUtfit 4


    shoes (in either silver or gold if you want to match accessories)

    Hope You Like!! Good Look! Happy Valentines day!!

  2. *_* said:

    Pants-Red skinny jeans(it’s valentines day after all)(normal blue jeans work too)

    Shirt- black cami.


    Shoes-Black flats or heels *all shoe stores*

    Accessories- a simple necklace of any color and a bracelet or watch and earrings

  3. Sara said:

    all i know is wear something comfortable cuz i mean like u said he knows what u wear normally so he’ll sense ur uncomfortableness if u suddenly wear a low cut top and super miniskirt…just be urself but have it so u put a little more/xtra effort into this to show how much u care about ur relationship…try delias or charlotte russe or anywhere with cute tops…hope this helped!!

  4. Sarah X said:

    you should surprise him, try a sexy dress you know maybe red or black…
    happy V.

  5. Jenna said:

    ok well i dont know if it is cold where you live, but if not, deff go with a haltar top. they are very sexy. and go with blck heels.

    if it is cold, wear a cute sweater and add some jewlery to make it look cute.
    either do heels, or some cute flats.

    good luck!
    and happy valentines day to you, too.

  6. smiley_in_nyc said:

    Wear the jeans you love so much but try wearing dark rinse ones if you own them – They look dressier and buy yourself a red or pink v-neck sweater.

  7. Camille said:

    I am exactly like that too. I would say to wear a black shirt if you have one…a v-neck black shirt if you have one. Also, target has a really cute long black and white necklaces…
    Try that with some flip flops that are cute and you should be good to go.

  8. trivia buff said:

    Wear your normal jeans, a red cami [maybe with glittery stuff] or a red halter top and some matching strappy red heels [small heels are good if you aren’t used to wearing them]. Like a strappy sandal type shoe, but red to match the top.

  9. Sean M said:

    hi i have an option: i suggest a red dress [take a look around Sheike], high heel shoes, go to a hair and make up stylist, go to a jewellery shop and have a look around [a silver neclace might look nice]

    GOOD LUCK! =]

  10. spoof ♫♪ said:
  11. fashion expert said:
  12. Nikki G said:

    Why dont you try a nice pair of black skinnie jeans? You cud still wear a t-shirt or vest top if you teamed it with a waist coast.Also you cud get some nice gold flat shoes to go and a nice belt.As for accesories try river island and warehouse and get a nice gold drop necklace and some hoop earrings with charms on them.
    I wud say newlook is prob one of the best for budget also primark is great for bargains!
    It might not be to your taste but i hoped i helped a little to give you ideas of ure own.

  13. work1hours said:

    i know u look pretty

    so if u ware any dress u look smart

    and more over ur love is true

    so dress is not the matter
    the way u express ur love is important

    select me as the best of all

  14. Kent Dien said:

    This site looks just like my aged one!


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