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ideas for a valentine card?

ok so the class project is to make valentines for everyone in the class, you also have to write a complement on the back. there’s a girl i like and i want to write something “special” i guess. now, i cant have anything to mushy, just something that’ll make her say “how nice!”

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3 Responses to “ideas for a valentine card?”

  1. 21209 said:

    make a pop up

  2. Kim said:

    hmm maybe you can say;

    ”I like your personality”
    ”You’re sweeter than others”
    ”I like your smile”

    or anything you like! Small random things can make a girls day if it’s coming from a boy(:
    Goodluck with her! Hope I helped!

  3. Olivia said:

    “you have beautiful eyes” or a lot less daring “you’re really nice” or something like “i love your personality” or “YOU’RE FUNNY” (which is cool cuz everyone likes to be told they’re funny right)

    i know these are really lame, so just say what you feel, which is super corny but would make her day 😉

    you could also take a lesson from the Elf and say “you should be on a christmas card”

    good day.


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