idea for valentines day?

Well im 15 and me and my girlfriend are sexually active. i want this valentines day to be extemely special but not all about sex. i had the idea of having her home alone all day with my parents gone. i wanted to put candles in my room and some love songs playing. i know we will have sex but then wut else should we do. do u think this is good or do u have any ideas? thank you

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2 Responses to “idea for valentines day?”

  1. teresa s said:

    I even hate telling you this, because your both too young. since your
    going to do it anyway, try valentine sex games, dance, look a girl movie she likes, have she already seen your family photos, that always get the girl laughing at how cute you were, discuss her day,
    and if you are serious about each other and not just hittin it to each
    other, talk about what you both would like in the future. Then get

  2. darlingAngeldoll said:

    Show her you love her by not having sex. You love her enough that you don’t have to have sex to express that love to her. I agree that 15 is waaayyy too young to be having sex. I know it doesn’t seem like it now and it is your choice, but it’s hard to see what your life will be at the age of 25 when you are only 15. Rather than sneak around and do it in your bedroom in your parents house, maybe cook her dinner in your parents kitchen and go for a romantic walk outside, even if it’s cold. If you already have sex, it’s just another day, but if you stop for awhile, it will be memorable.


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