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I really need to get my girlfriend back?

I really need to get my girlfriend back and shes really nice and funny and everyone thinks shes ugly but i don’t and shes going out with one of her friends and i want to kill her friend but i cant because of Kayce the girl that’s funny and the girl i need i cant move on because she’s the one for me.

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One Response to “I really need to get my girlfriend back?”

  1. Enigmadraw said:

    I would SERIOUSLY suggest that you move on, but I doubt you’re going to take my advice so I’m going to tell you the only way to make a girl want to come back to you:

    Ignore her. Simple as that. Don’t call her, don’t talk to her and completely ignore her. If she cares about you at all then she will come back to you. It’s hard, but I have a feeling you’ve been clinging to her, calling or texting her constantly and trying to get her attention. If you act like you’ve moved on she’ll wonder why you suddenly aren’t interested any more. When she talks to you again tell her that it hurt you and you think it’s just time for you to move on.

    This is the only thing that actually works. Girls hate it when a guy is clingy and all over them and constantly begging for their attention. It’s needy and very unattractive. Like I said, this will only work if she really cares about you. If she does, she’ll make an effort to talk to you again. If you don’t listen and you keep following her around begging for attention she’ll keep not wanting a relationship.


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