I have no idea what to get my husband for valentines day.?

This will be the first valentines day for my husband and I and I have no idea what to get him. I want it to be special. The only jewelry he wears is his wedding band because he doesn’t like jewelry. He likes comic books and music and horror movies and different stuff like that. Any suggestions would be helpful -Thank You!

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5 Responses to “I have no idea what to get my husband for valentines day.?”

  1. Mr. Taco said:

    I suggest buying YOURSELF something… some really sexy lingerie. Surprise him at the door, tell him you’re all his, and take him to bed. It’ll be a Valentine’s Day he won’t ever forget.

  2. Angel said:

    make him a card to show your effort. the card should have hearts for borders and in the middle put a picuture of you and your husband. buy him a shirt since he will always grow out of it. to show more effort you should make him a shirt. buy him a box of chocolate as well.

  3. Michelle O said:

    from your description i bet he gets into dungeons and dragons as well- dress up as a warlock and put the moves on him. call yourself miss spock

  4. Go Big Blue Durga! said:

    Make him a CD of music that you know he likes… love songs or whatever. Everytime he plays it, he’ll think of you…

    Or make some ‘coupons’ for him to redeem at his leisure. Use your imagination with these. They don’t have to be sexual in nature, but they sure can be.

  5. jairarodrguez said:

    These three things are very important:
    Love, love and love.


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