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How do you get you’re boyfriend back after he breaks up with you?

How can i get my boyfriend back, the reason we broke up was my fault, and i need him back. Any suggestions?

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3 Responses to “How do you get you’re boyfriend back after he breaks up with you?”

  1. Jon G said:

    He broke up with you cause he doesn’t be with you. Move on, date someone else.

  2. Tweetie said:

    all guys like to feel do something get my boyfriend back i asked him could we talk somewhere private.and when we did he was shocked to see that i had prepared a candlelight picnic and i made him a poem telling him how i’d never hurt him him you still care.and if you do all u can to get him back and it doesn’t work then just accept that you guys aren’t meant to be

  3. Bob said:

    It sounds like you’re in need of an effective apology.

    How do you apologize to your lover? The best apologies are those that are heartfelt, empathetic, without any backhandedness or fakeness. For example, if you have ever apologized by saying “I’m sorry, but…” that is an example of insincerity. Leave out the extra piece of your apologies and purely empathize. Do not try to win a battle with your apology or prove that you shouldn’t need to be the one apologizing, for example. If you got into this situation, your partner just wants to feel understood, so empathize with her.

    Dale Carnegie reiterated the previous point. It’s what we most want as humans, to be understood. So instead of telling your girlfriend “I’m sorry that I didn’t call you back, BUT I was really busy, and you don’t call me back anyhow” or something along those lines, you should instead replace that with “I’m sorry for not calling you back, you must feel frustrated with me, I was consumed with a project that I had been working on…” etc.

    Apologies aren’t always easy, and they change depending on the offending action.


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