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How do you get an ex girlfriend back after a breakup?

I took her for granted during our relationship which led to our breakup. However we’re friends again now, but I want something more than just friends. I’ve evaluated the pros and cons to getting back with her, and I realized that I really love her and am willing to do whatever it takes to get back with her. Any advice on how to go about it?

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9 Responses to “How do you get an ex girlfriend back after a breakup?”

  1. PJ said:

    My article should help you, good luck let me know how it turns out.

  2. CamdenM said:

    When I was getting my ex girlfriend back after our breakup, I slowly worked my way from casual and friendly, to close and romantic. You’ve got to take action, but you can’t rush it. Let her know that you’re interested and also that you’ll give her the time she needs. She needs to evaluate the pros and cons just like you did, so why not help her? Be awesome, make her smile and laugh, and make her realize that she loves to be with you. After that it’s only a baby step away from loving you and being with you again.

    Check out my blog to see how I got my ex girlfriend back after our breakup.

  3. Billy said:

    Hey there!
    Getting back together with your ex girlfriend is not so easy.
    However if you decide you and her are meant to be together its achievable.
    Here are some suggestions — assuming, of course, that you want the girl back:

    1. Don’t get too jealous. Remember, jealousy is an emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, concern, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, such as a relationship, affection, or love.

    2.Leave Her Alone. Give her some time to think about the relationship. If you had a wonderful relationship, she’ll feel that she misses you and will try to get back to you.

    3.Cut off all communication. This is tough and it will be killing you, but really it’s killing her more. She’s starting to realize how much she needs you and how much she misses you. Cutting off communication is the largest step.

    4.Recover Emotionally. You don’t have a chance of getting your ex back if you’re not emotionally calm and in command. Women dislike needy, clingy, desperate men – so you need to pull your own life together before attempting to draw her back into it. Merely be calm and collected about the whole condition, and make your life happier. Going for jogging or to the gym will make you feel better too.

    5.Start talking to another. This helps for many reasons. This will vvery likely be too much for your ex. She will find out that you’re talking to this girl, and it will get her back to you. Use with carefulness as it may give the wrong signals, such as a sign that she should move on because you have a new girlfriend.

    6.Act like nothing is wrong. She’s not going to want you back if you’re acting depressed. Make sure you’re laughing a lot and appear as if you are having a good time. This is very hard because of the break up depression.

    7.Look your best. Make sure your acne is gone, you get yourself shaped up, and looking good. She won’t be able to resist.

    8.Build up confidence.

    9.If you want to get her back, then you must be the Alpha male. Get back the confidence you had earlier when you just began dating her.

    From my experience a good guideline from a book is always helpful for making up with your ex.
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    Good luck!

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