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How do I win my ex girlfriend back?

My ex girlfriend and I were goin out for 5months til she broke up with me because she said she it wasn’t working out for us and that she thought she’d have a better chance with another guy. We’re still pretty good friends now and I really want to get her back. What should I do to get her back?

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6 Responses to “How do I win my ex girlfriend back?”

  1. Nikki said:

    If she doesn’t see it going anywhere with you, you can’t force it.
    Just tell her your honest feelings, if she rejects them again, then there is nothing more you can do but accept the fact she does not want to be with you. Just remain friendly and let her remember why she loves you.

  2. ADL said:

    My advice is to drop her and move on, you’ll only end up hurting yourself if she says no.

  3. Zac L said:

    You need to be subtle when you let her know. The best way is to make her want you back, but this is harder than it may seem. I was recently in this situation and it took a lot of advice from a book I read to get it figured out, best of luck and remember you cant make her take you back, you need to let her want you back.

  4. fhfan731 said:

    I think you should just completely put her out of your life all together. Being friends afterwards almost seals your fate because that’s all you’ll be. It also gives you the false assumption that she will fall for you again. I agree with the other responder when he said just forget it and move on. There are so many others out there.

  5. Real Men said:

    Listen. First of all, you’re still friends with her. That automatically puts her off. She’s trying to find someone new, and she knows you’re still hanging around waiting for her to fall back in your lap. Ain’t happening, son. It’s needy and sad.

    If you want to get her back, you need to learn some proper advice from proper men – forget all this ‘just be her friend and she might come around’ crap. She’ll only ever come around to cry on your shoulder about her new, more exciting boyfriend. If you don’t like that, then, you can’t be her friend – simple as that.

    It’s done, and you really have a snowball in hells chance of rekindling this relationship. To be honest, the best chance you have is to stop hanging around, and just stop talking to her – as a friend, or otherwise, and get on with your life and get a new girlfriend. If your ex smells the coffee and comes around later, you can re-evaluate how you feel then, or tell her where to go.

  6. Marcelo said:

    Me encontre con mi ex novia despues de 18 aƱos atras ella esta separada y tiene una hija y estoy casado y tengo 2 nenas y mi cabeza da vuelta y vueltas. Tengo posibilidades de arreglarme con ella


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