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How do I get my pregnant girlfriend back?

I got my girlfriend pregnant. She is currently 5 months pregnant. When I left her, she was 4 month and 2 weeks pregnant. It’s been 2 weeks that I talk to her. How do I get her back? I realized that I made the biggest mistake. I still very much in love with her and want to help raise our child. She’s the only girl for me. I would do anything just to be in her and our child’s life.

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14 Responses to “How do I get my pregnant girlfriend back?”

  1. jenzito said:

    what did you do? but your gonna have to some serious ASS kissing…..

  2. MommyToBe! said:

    Tell her exactly what you just told us. Good luck!

  3. mummy to 1 and expecting num 2. said:

    hi, you really need to tell her this. you need to go to her, sit down and tell her you do love her, you made a big mistake and your very very sorry. now she may take sometime to come around, or she may just hold you in her arms. either way you need to tell her i just want my family back. that’s what my fiance did with me,and it worked. good luck and congrats on your bub

  4. allie said:

    tell her that. show her how much you love her. plan a day to take her out to dinner and romance her out of her shoes. this way she will see that you mean you are serious. good luck

  5. SaidiItalian said:

    no offense, but this isnt 100% believable

  6. Drizzt5 said:

    Well for one, don’t get any more girls pregnant.

    Just tell her how you feel, basically what you said here. It sounds like you just got cold feet.

  7. Annabelle said:

    Tell her you made a mistake and want her back but that even if she doesnt take you back, you will still be a father to your child. (And hopefully thats true)

  8. AnnabethChaseGal said:

    well, she may just want to avoid you. after all, this kinda messed up her life (no offense, but that’s how I would feel). But you never know, so try talking to her. She may not want you back, but you have to prove to her first that you really want to help, whether its throwing a shower, buying a non-baby related gift, talk to her about options (open adoption–still talk to your child who has been adopted), or whatever. But if not, talk to her friends and family.
    Don’t think that she”ll be all yours again, because she may not depending on how she know views you. tell her exactly what you told us, but make it sincere. REALLY sincere.

  9. 2kids 1angel 1 due in March said:

    uh oh did you panic buddy! you better get your best apologising shirt on

  10. sweetthngs4u said:

    Send her a dozen of red roses and tell her that you love her and the baby. and that you want to be a part of their lives.
    Whatever you did, make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake.

  11. nyc0110 said:

    If you are really serious then tell her how you feel… everyday for the rest of your life if that’s how long it takes. Don’t give up & don’t ever take her for granted again.

    Please note, if you are not 100% sure that you want her back then you better leave her alone. She doesn’t need this stress and uncertainty right now. No matter what happen with the mother of your child remember that this is your child and your responsibility. You made this child so you are obligated to care for and love it.

  12. Nikki girl said:

    Well, first i think u should send her a few flowers(not too many) But just enough to let her know u care, and then just tell her how u feel is she has a baby shower. i gotta admit i dont give really good advise but i hope it might help u a bit!

  13. yaya said:

    okay look show her how much u love her and try doing everything u can to prove to her that she can start gaining back her trust u

  14. mebony68 said:

    call her tell her you were wrong and then say that you want to be in both here life and you all unborn childs life… dont call her go to her house… she wants to hear from you she just going through the hormonal stage


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