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How do i get my girlfriend back after a big fight?

me and her has been talking for 5months and me and her got into a big fight today because she is tierd of my bullcrap. because i ask her if can call her and she said no. and now i beg and beg i even wrote her a long message on myspace and i dont think she read it but it said read and now she is offline . what should i do?

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3 Responses to “How do i get my girlfriend back after a big fight?”

  1. italianstallian7 said:


  2. be the change. * said:

    Well, you have to be willing to change. She’s tired of your bull crap so you must be doing something wrong! Promise her you’re going to change and work on improving yourself.

    Give her a call and tell her how much she means to you. Send roses to her house with a sweet love note. Go to her house with a cute tux on and send her a box of chocolates. I know it sounds soo cheesy, but she’ll want you back! Girls love a sensitive and generous guy who’s not afraid to spend money on them!

  3. Hank_81 said:

    Ok.. Solution. Walk down to wallmart. Proceed to the chemical aisle. The sporting goods aisle would be preferred but you seem incredibly pathetic and weak and would probably wuss out with a loaded shotgun. By a gallon of floor cleaner. Mix a half cup of tequila and floor cleaner.. Drink gargle and wallah… problem solved.


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