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How do i get my ex-girlfriend back? Even when 3 weeks after ending it she found another man?

I was with my ex for nearly a year. However towards the end, we made a stupid mistake and she became pregnant. Due to our age and other circumstances, i knew that it would not have been possible to raise the child. She wanted to keep it though. However for fear of losing me, she went through with the abortion. This made her hate me. She lost all feelings for me and although we tried working through it… she said she couldnt do it anymore. This killed me as we were really in love and already knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.
For comfort, she went to her colleagues house most nights. And one thing led to another and 3 weeks later they were in a relationship. This killed me as i was trying to get her back. However just before they started their relationship we shared an extremely passionate kiss and she said she missed me and if it wasnt for what happened, she would still be with me. She told me she is over what happened and doesnt blame me anymore.

Recently we have become very close friends. She stops over at my house on the way home from her boyfriends for a chat. We are on the same course at university and have lunch together or go out shopping together when uni is finished. She is always wanting to chill with me and everyone says things are looking good for me. However she is still with her boyfriend and i found out they booked to go on holiday in june 2009… they booked this 2 weeks after being together!!

just wondering if anyone has any tips on how i can win her back. She calls me all the time and we seem to do everything together that we are allowed to do without cheating… (lots of hugging and kissing on the cheek)… her boyfriend doesnt know she even talks to me let alone meeting up cos he wont allow her to.. She is a girl that needs lots of attention and i have heard from her friends that she is having problems with him cos he wont give her any attention.

Does she really like this guy or is it just a rebound.. and is it looking good for me???

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5 Responses to “How do i get my ex-girlfriend back? Even when 3 weeks after ending it she found another man?”

  1. babygurlz_801 said:

    Oh wow Im really sorry but hey at least she still wants you in her life. I would suggest not giving into her so easily with the all the hugging and kissing on the cheek and you should act like you moved on….like play hard to get lol. Cause if she had you when you guys were going out and she can still have you and everything just as though you’re going out with her even though she has a new boyfriend she wont think you’re a challenge and you know what they say people want what they cant get.

  2. Jc Coll said:

    Alright, this seems to becoming harder for you mate.

    Let’s see, if she’s hooked on to another man soon after the break up, most probably is that she wants to get over the break up pain, and while doing so, she needs to share her feelings.

    If it’s another man that she’s sharing with, and he treated her well enough, it’s a mentality for her that “Oh, this man’s a good guy, he helped me whenever I needed support”.

    But, ultimately that’s just her false sense because falling in love with someone isn’t easy, and if you’ve been with her for quite some time it’s very possible that she still misses you deep down her heart.. Now, rebound relationships are naturally weak, so if you take the CORRECT steps, you’ll find yourself in fact, taking advantage over the rebound relationship.. serious.

    If you ask me, it’s looking good for you, but remember, take the “right” steps, or one wrong move, and it’s all gone, I bet you on it.

  3. Joanne J said:

    I’m sorry about the things you have both gone through. She probably has a strong connection with you because of what you went through together but only she knows whether that is enough to try the relationship again.

    Maybe she’s just with the guy to forget things for a while. You could be too much of a reminder of whats happened and she needs time apart to deal with it before you get back together.

    Hope it works out well for you.

  4. Lucinda R said:

    First of all, it sounds like you are on the right track with her. If you two are friends and getting along that is a very good sign.

    Now you need to know how to take it to the next level to get her back. This will take a little bit of work and some time. Do it wrong and you could drive her away forever.

    You can find out exactly how to do this at this site

    There is plenty of information there written by relationship experts that will help you get your ex back.

    Good luck to you.

  5. whaddayaknow said:

    This does not and will not be good for…You need to break contact with her ASAP!!! I can’t stress this enough.

    You have made yourself available to her so she can now ride out the new relationship and have you “for support and as a back up” in case it doesn’t go well.

    You will NEVER gain her true respect as a MAN if you allow yourself to be 2nd best.

    Ask yourself…Am I second best? Do I deserve to be treated like second best? Should I believe that I am only as good as a back up?

    HELL NO – time to stand up – I would smack you if I could – right through this computer!!!

    You need to break contact and re-gain your manhood – if it was ever there to begin with – if not you need to find it.

    And believe it live it – you are a man that deserve the best – the best for himself!!!

    You want to be the guy that other girls leave other guys for. Not the other way around – More importantly, after you man-up you will realize that you want to be the guy that girls go to first!!!

    You tell your “friend” that you do not want her to contact you anymore.

    Tell her that she is either in a realtionship with you – and that you don’t want another friend – or she is not in any relationship with you.

    Tell her to go to her boyfriend – tell her you’ll be fine and you will find someone that wants to be with you – and that you’re confident in that.

    Shake the ground under her feet – the same feet that you allowed to walk all over you.


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