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How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back Even If She Hates Me?

We Were Together For 9 Months. She Ended It Because She Felt I Wasnt Ready As An Adult To Be In A Relationship. 8 Months Later I Have Finally Got My Crap Together. She Hates Me Because Of False Rumors She Heard After We Broke Up. She Just Started Dating Some Guy But I Want Her Back And The Only Contact I Have To Her Is Through Email.

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14 Responses to “How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back Even If She Hates Me?”

  1. Fire Stylist said:

    Try not starting every word with a capital letter. Read a book on grammar.

  2. blue said:

    Better try to really flatter her. Try sending her flowers & cards etc. Get out your MONEY if you are really sorry. Men that made me real mad didn’t get me back with an e-mail. It took money, actually gifts.

  3. Anita said:

    Try to explain that those rumors were or are false. Try to get her number. If she is only dating a guy, that does not mean she is Win her back but try harder.

  4. Brittany V said:

    Ask for her number or one of her friends you know for her number and call her and ask if you to could go out and talk and tell her how you feel.

  5. jss said:

    Go up to her, and tell her look, you want me to be more of a mature adult and I’d love it if you would do the same thing for me. People are spreading lies and rumors and if you were mature enough you would see that like I do.

    Be BETTER then her and the rest of the other people you deal with. I mean stay positive stay cool, but just be more mature then them.

    Show her that you want to do better with your life but you dont NEED her to be happy.

    that drives girls crazy.

    & if you pull her to the side to talk maturely about those rumors she will start thinking.

    just keep level headed and don’t get mad or immature or anything that pushes girls away.

  6. Jess21 said:

    ok if she doesnt want to be with you she wont… if you started your relationship off with lies from the beginning then she has a reason to “hate” you… if she is going to believe rumors over you then you dont need to be with her anyways… gotta have trust to have love… and only you know the truth… just write her an email and tell her how you feel what you have done to be with her and pray

  7. Starr said:

    I wouldn’t send her flowers or anything like that right now, especially if she’s in a relationship, that might just start problems and she might get more pissed off at you, but send her an email tell her that the rumors not true, really prove to her ur ready as an adult, and have grown up, and that you really care about her, maybe she just needs time to realize that you have grown up, and if she straight up denys you, try to be friends and work your way in that way, maybe she’ll realize she misses you

  8. leningrad said:

    Send nude pics. This worked after my last gf broke up with me, I couldn’t believe it.

  9. systymjames said:

    yes for one thing make sure you don’t capitalize every word when you email her haha, but what you need to do for now is stop emailing her entirely for a few months, make her miss you, even date other girls if you can and let her SEE that you’re doing that (DON’T TELL HER), if you have a facebook or something upload pictures of you hanging out with these other girls where she can see them, if she emails you answer politely but be very brief and act like you don’t have time to be emailing her because you have better things to do (but do so in a polite way), after you’ve done this for a few months then you can try talking to her again, make sure in a subtle way tho, make her think you just want to be friends at first and slowly worm your way back into her head, this may not work but it’s your best chance, she may find someone else during this time but it’s just a risk you’ll have to take, if she finds someone else or still doesn’t want you after you do this then you can only forget her and move on

  10. life_is_real_rle said:

    i don’t know what all you tried but if shes so quick to listen to rumors without even talking to you are you really sure you even want her back. anyway though try getting a mutual friend to arrange something where you can talk. someplace where the two of you shared a good memory together…and if that works use that memory to break the ice. good luck

  11. Ka-diddles. said:

    Well you must know where she lives but if you don’t just e-mail her and say that the rumors were all lies and that you still have feelings for her but it is all her choice. If she doesn’t want to get back together well that is her choice and you can’t do anything but if she does want to get back together, well done!
    (hope I helped)

  12. yourdoneandover said:

    You got your crap together. ? If you can’t use the word shit because your on the internet just say your getting it together. It works , crap doesn’t . I dont know why but it doesnt. Do you think whatever it is you have gotten together is what she was refering to when she said you werent adult enough to be in a relationship. Really think about that, because your probably not going to get her attention with a bunch of irrelevant stuff.l She probably meant like were you stupid acting, insensitive, inconsiderate, not just whether you were working or whatever getting your crap together means. Good luck. and at your age just keep trying to get it together. Most men never succeed. and the real key to success for a dude is to be that rare one that actually succeeds to manhood.

  13. Confused as Usual said:

    You have to talk to her, and find out if shes even slightly interested. otherwise if shes not you’ll be wasting your time and money. but if she gives you even the slight hint of missing you, id say go all out. just don’t contact her too much right away or she’ll think your creepy, and stalker like. if she does have interest id start by sending her flowers, with a cute simple note-something like, i miss you. and then i’d wait. if she calls/emails/whatever and says thank you!! then thats a green light, but if she doesn’t do anything….id just give up on her. Good Luck!!!

  14. Desipm said:

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