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how do i get my ex girlfriend back and not act jealous and grumpy?

i want my ex girlfriend back but i am acting to jealous and grumpy when i am around here

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6 Responses to “how do i get my ex girlfriend back and not act jealous and grumpy?”

  1. Sharon said:

    just act chill. hide your emotions.

  2. bloodonren said:

    Thats probably the reason why she dumped you. try someone else.

  3. el nene said:

    think of something funny….

  4. Shelbie J said:


    i’ve been on the receiving end of this one for a while;
    just tell her that you want her back.
    if she says no, leave her alone.

    that annoys the heck out of us and will cause us to hate your guts forever.

  5. Mae P said:

    just apologies and beg on ur hands and knees

  6. K B said:

    Many of the problems you may be facing could be just the tip of the iceberg
    on what is really happening in your marriage. I dont mean to scare you but
    many problems when they either first show up or if they keep reoccurring
    could be just whats showing from a larger problem that either you or your
    spouse cannot even see. One of the only things you can do to help is to talk
    honestly and openly with each other in the marriage. If things become more
    serious more serious options need to be looked at as possibilities. I have a
    blog that has more information on some of what I’ve been writing about. If
    you feel like checking it out I would completly suggest it.

    Love is a choice that is made everyday when you wake up and every night when
    you go to sleep. Some days you may not feel the original feeling but love
    isnt a feeling or an emotion. Its an action a verb. Falling out of love may
    just mean you need to spice things up a little or that you were never in
    love in the first place. Don’t just get out of a marriage just because you
    don’t think you like the person anymore.


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