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How do i get my ex boyfriend back after he got a new girlfriend?

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5 Responses to “How do i get my ex boyfriend back after he got a new girlfriend?”

  1. kristinhah said:

    Don’t. Move on, he obviously already has. Don’t ruin their relationship.

  2. Jayda M said:

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  3. Melvin M said:

    Why do you want him back? Is it because you really love him or just can’t stand the fact that he is with someone now ?

    If you want him for the right reasons, go for for it full throttle and if its the emotional turmoil which is forcing you to think of getting him back you will only cause more harm than good if you pursue it.

    If you do think that you love him and is willing to put the efforts check out the below link for a resource which have been proven for women from all around the globe. Its called second chance.

  4. Jo said:

    Here is a great website on how to get your ex back. Check it out if you want to:

  5. Jennifer Garcia AKA Gummy bear said:

    well i love my x very much jst dnt kno how to tell him b-cuz he really love that girl they have been goin out for a long time and well he thinks im a hoe so even if i did tell him he wouldn’t dump her for me. he is my friend now but i dnt jst want to b friends. but i think i am one of those ppl that want him for the wrong reasons you kno cuz i got a bf too and im thinking from all this advice and stuff that i should jst leave him alone and stay w-t cris

  6. Jy said:

    I cant believe it , he proposed to me , I love you [email protected] , everything went as you said . you are really blessed!!!


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