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Good little “poem” for a crush in a valentine card?

“I know its true I’ve liked you since the start, but I don’t know if you already know. We’ve been great friends for a while, and wasn’t sure you felt the same for me. I like you and hope you do too will you be my valentine ? If you don’t that’s a shame and I hope we can stay good friends till the end. N ”
Is this good for a crush?? I might take out then last sentence too. Need your opinion I’m buying the gram card with a Teddy bear tomorrow! And what should I do if she says no? Any help please!

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2 Responses to “Good little “poem” for a crush in a valentine card?”

  1. ali said:

    thats sweet! good for a crush thats also a friend. if she says no, then just say thats okay and you understand, and continue being buddies. good luck!

  2. Lesley said:

    Nothing wrong with your poem… not too heavy, but before you send it take a look at the website below. You may like one there, or get some tips on rhyming from it. Keep it friendly rather than heavy, the fact you are sending a card is enough sometimes. Take one step at a time.
    There are lots to choose from… You’ll find poems that are short or long, romantic or funny!
    Click on ‘Valentines’ from the list on the left hand side of the page, for a bigger selection of poems.
    Here’s a link to the website…


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