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First date jitters. Do i bring a gift because its valentines day?

First of all, im 15 and taking a girl the same age as me to the movies and was wondering: Do i bring a rose, Boquet of flowers, chocolates, when i pick her up? and aloso my mom is taking us so i was wondering if we both ride in the back seat, or i sit in the front or should she? and anything else you think i should know?!
oh, for those who were wondering… were seeing Pink Panther II she dosnt like scary movies so we’re not going to see Friday the 13th
lol, its going to be hard to pick a best answer

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11 Responses to “First date jitters. Do i bring a gift because its valentines day?”

  1. Strange on the outside said:

    bring her a little teddy bear and sit in the back seat with her

  2. the_koala man said:

    of course bring her all of that stuff and sit with her in the back

  3. Moosey Moose said:

    bring her a rose or some chocolates, don’t go overboard it’s just your first date. sit in the back seat…just not too close. good luck!

  4. said:

    welll I’m not sure about a gift. I think it would be romantic if you brought a rose. You two should sit in the back together! not her in the front or you in the front thats awkward and its hard to talk. GOOD LUCK! Just be nice and compliment her and smile.

  5. Alexander F said:

    I would say chocolate, but you cant eat in the movies. so bring her a rose, tell her its for her for valentines day. And Yes ride in the back with her.

  6. Scary Kid Scaring Kids :) said:

    haha aww hope u have fun.i would bring a little something like a rose cuz its valentines day and all.its cute, not too over the top and its nice.both of yall should sit in the back.relax and have fun 🙂

  7. singerdanceractressprincess said:

    AWWWWWW! Thats so cute!!!!!!!!!

    You sound like a really cute guy, get her a rose or some chocolates. A bouquet might be overdoing it for a first date.

    Offer the front seat to her and if she doesn’t want to sit there then sit in the back with her so that you two can talk. She might feel a little intimidated sitting next to your mom so maybe just skip the front seat convo and both of you go and sit in the back.

    Have fun 🙂 What movie are you seeing?

  8. Chastity said:

    Aww :]

    Get her a small bouquet. Don’t get her roses unless you know roses are her favorite. Most girls I know would rather get a different type of flower.

    Ride in the back with her! Offer to pay for her ticket and concessions if she wants something.

  9. said:

    YES. YES. YES.
    if u want another date you bring something lol
    && u both ride in the back together.
    dont tense up always talk even if its about nothing
    make her laugh a lot

  10. Aiko K said:

    Awww, that’s so cute. :3

    Maybe bring her a Valentine themed teddy bear, with some chocolates. And yes, sit with her during the car ride. :]

  11. heretohelp12012 said:

    First of all, Relax. Bring one rose, or no rose at all, you dont want too seem clingy. And you both should sit in the back. Let your mom ride in the front alone. All you need to know is to relax, and have fun. and dont worry.!


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