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can i still get my ex girlfriend back even after cheating on her?

i want to know if i still stand a chance of getting my ex girlfriend back after cheating on her.

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4 Responses to “can i still get my ex girlfriend back even after cheating on her?”

  1. California Kush said:

    It really just depends on her. Everyone is different.

  2. Al:)) said:

    It’s hard to know, since I don’t know if she has high or low standards. If her standards are set low, then yeah, you could probably get her back. But if they’re high, then she’ll think that you will cheat again (Why did you in the first place, if you want her back!?!) To get her back, you’ll prolly have to go to great measures, like take her out alottt, always tell her she’s pretty.. buy her things. And prove to her that you’re better then cheating. Btw, don’t do it again if she takes you back 🙂


  3. Mark said:

    Possible, if you press the right buttons. You have to switch her right emotions on.

  4. Sarah said:

    That would depend on a lot of things. One, if the love you had for each other is very strong. Two, if your relationship was not focused on the negatives. Three, if your girlfriend has the ability to forgive you and forget about your infidelity. And four, if you really are repentant about what you did and are serious about changing for the better.
    I think this resource will help you. It’s an ebook called Ex Recovery System by Ashley Kay. You can get a lot of helpful tips from there.


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