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Any good valentines gift ideas for high school friends?

I want to make really awesome valentines for my friends (they are HS girls) but I don’t really have any awesome ideas and I have a budget of about twenty to twenty five dollars. Thanks for the suggestions!

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5 Responses to “Any good valentines gift ideas for high school friends?”

  1. BBbroho:] said:

    im making cupcakes for all my friends and writing their names in frosting on themm<3

  2. cyniko1 said:

    pencils,candy,i used to do this stuff,sometimes i get them makeup

    or cds or certificates as long as i had a card:P:)

  3. lovely said:

    i agree with the cupcake idea(:

  4. shy lady said:

    i would make little hearts and candy stuff for them but i wonder what i would do for a boyfriend do you guys know what to get

  5. shy lady said:

    what would you get a boyfriend if you were only 11 years old


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