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am i obligated to give my boyfriend a valentines day gift?

we’ve been going out for about 7 months, i love him but personally i think valentines day is a stupid holiday. i tell him everyday not to get me anything cause i don’t want anything. he’ll probably get me something little though. am i obligated to get him something? my mother is yelling at me telling me i need to get him something but i don’t think i need too. i don’t want anything, and he would never expect me to get him anything anyway!

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6 Responses to “am i obligated to give my boyfriend a valentines day gift?”

  1. Kevin w said:


  2. Jesse said:

    You should get him at least a card. Pull the stick out of your butt and lighten up! It’s a fun holiday, don’t be so serious. Enjoy it!

  3. [:D !] said:

    You really dont have to, but it’s only common courtesy to do so 😀 It’s the day besides your anniversaries that you can celebrate your love. A lot of people are going single this year, so get him something nice :]

  4. Anonymous said:

    I agree with you. V-day is stupid, just for candy and card companies! I hate it b/c I’m always alone on v-day and its getting worse. Last year I found out the father of my unborn child was cheating on me the night before, the year before that he stood me up, this year i think he’s bsing.
    Anyway what I do in situations where I don’t know about the gifts I get a little something and don’t give it to him unless he gives me something. That takes care of any akwardness.

  5. crystalbird said:

    it would be nice 2 give him something but you don`t have 2. the guy is supposed 2 give stuff 2 the girl not the other way arround!

  6. heidi9055 said:

    Maybe a homemade card saying a message from your heart. He’ll appreciate it even though you think it’s a stupid holiday.


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