Your Persepctive? Living together and marriage?

Do you think that living together is the same as being married? If not, besides the legalities, what do you believe is the difference?

Just curious??

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18 Responses to “Your Persepctive? Living together and marriage?”

  1. Royalhinney said:

    In my mind, being married is more of a permanent thing. It’s so easy just to up and leave and be done when you are just living together. Marriage has vows and represents a commitment.

  2. more than just a pretty face said:

    I think it’s a good idea, I though my ex boyfriend was perfect until we moved in and he thought he “had me”, and his true colors came out. I don’t think you really know someone till you live with them. As for the differences I don’t think there really is any, except that if you break up, it’s easier to cut all ties.

  3. Claire said:

    You might get in each others nerves

  4. AnswerDude said:


    If you are not willing to make the marriage legal how committed are you?

  5. ˚hɑяd çɑndч˚ said:

    It’s very different.

    With marriage you both know it’s forever, you know that no matter what happens you’ll get through it TOGETHER.

    With living together you can always just break up & move out.

    Not the same.

  6. Tryna-Hyde said:

    nope. BIG difference. ready for this? when you’re living together, and he/she gets on your last nerve, you can pack up and roll out and NEVER, EVER have to acknowledge that person’s existence again.

    when you’re married – you can go anywhere you want, and NEVER, EVER get the hell away from them!….EVER!

    get it? all jokes aside, marriage is way different from playing house.

    good luck!

  7. Lucy said:

    When you’re married you live together, hence being married is very much like living together. In fact, it IS living together. And vice versa.

    What, nobody’s heard of divorce? The ‘forever’ thing is a moot point.

  8. lisairv08 said:

    In a sense, yes. Where I live if you have lived together for 7 years or more, you are considered married through the law. You will have some rights should something happen. Its called common law marriage. If your talking on a religious matter, I’m not sure. I guess its hoe you perceive it yourself and what you are happy with.

  9. learning_to_live_616 said:

    No, it’s not. It might feel the same at times, your day to day life might be the same, but that doesn’t make it the same thing. The difference is the actual commitment. Getting a divorce is a lot harder than breaking up, even if you are sharing possessions. I also like to believe in the spiritual bond of marriage, but not everyone will.

  10. hilerangela said:

    Yes, Nothing changed for me except its on paper now.

  11. Ginger said:

    You get tax breaks when you’re married…haha. Seriously, its all about the level of commitment. If you are just living together, you have that voice in the back of your head that says you can just leave, you’re not married.

  12. annazzz1966 said:

    Living together just shows a financial agreement to cohabitate, but marriage much is more than that. Marriage shows a commitment to a relationship both parties believe in.

  13. sweet sensation said:

    living together is not the same as being married for you have lived with your parents. marriage is different and deep.

  14. mellishw said:

    I lived with my husband before marriage and if someone were to tell me it was a sin, that is their problem! I believe that you need to get to know your spouse. the best marriages i know of were nice people that lived together before marriage.

  15. dolphyns2000 said:

    Living together and being married are very different. Everyone has already said the obvious, that if you want to break up, it’s generally pretty simple…you pack your stuff and leave. When you are married, you tend to re-think leaving over trivial things that can be worked out. You have more invested in a marriage vs. just living together, like time and commitment. I feel that there is a deeper level of commitment with married couples than those just living together. My husband and I lived together for years before he finally proposed and we got married. I can tell you it makes a world of difference. Before we got married, even before he proposed, I called him my fiance, just because calling him my boyfriend sounded ridiculous when I was a mom. Then we got questions about when the wedding was, blah, blah, blah. Now that we’re married, there are no questions about who we are to each other.

  16. Kristin R said:

    Living together is like taking a car for a test drive. You can imagine how it would be to be married and see if you want to take the next step, but you’re not quite stuck and you’re still getting used to things. Marriage is more of a psychological commitment, IMHO but I’m sure that there are people who see things differently. That’s just how my boyfriend and I are at the moment. 🙂

  17. alrozz said:

    Living with your love and getting married to your love does make a difference. You are not complete in the eyes of the bible because it’s better to marry than burn in sin.

  18. Sandy Ego said:

    No, it’s not the same. If it was, this question wouldn’t even come up. What the difference is depends on your view of the meaning of marriage. For me, marriage is a social concept – and when I’ve found the person I want to be with, it’s simply easier to be “husband and wife” than something nebulous like “partners” or “boyfriend and girlfriend” or “significant others” or any such thing. It’s easier in a practical sense – a lot of legal issues are taken care of by one sweep of a pen – but also in a social sense; people tend to take you (the couple) more seriously when you are married, and it happens almost overnight once you sign your marriage license. I don’t think marriage is necessary to declare your commitment to one another – there are couples who are married but are not committed, and those who are committed but not married, so one doesn’t necessarily go with the other – but, generally, marriage is an easy way to announce to the society what your intentions are. You may know between the two of you that you are planning to be together, but society always likes this extra declaration of your intention.

    P.S. I disagree that it’s necessarily “easy” to get up and leave just because you’re not married. It’s easy when you don’t have any joint obligations and responsibilities like bills, properties, debts, children. But in this case, it’s just as easy to get a divorce. It’s not the actual dissolution of marriage that is so difficult, it’s the splitting up of the assets, debts, dealing with child custody that takes up the most resources in a divorce battle. If you think you’re going to easily resolve these problems just because you’re not legally married, well, hmm, time to think again.


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