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Would it be inappropriate to get my ex boyfriend a gift for Valentines?

My ex boyfriend and I just rekindled a friendship after 5 years apart. He is recently divorced (if this matters).

I really enjoy gift giving, but am wondering if it may be inappropriate to give him a gift on Valentines day?
If it’s not, what would be a good gift idea?

Any advice is appreciated.

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7 Responses to “Would it be inappropriate to get my ex boyfriend a gift for Valentines?”

  1. Tracy M said :

    It is competley inappropriate. Valentines gifts are for sweethearts not friends.

  2. janet a said :

    I would not get him a gift. You two are just rekindling a friendship and he may feel it is a bit pushy at this point. It may make him feel as though he will “owe” you and right now you want him to feel more relaxed and let the friendship develop.

    Good luck — it sounds as though you are glad to have him back in your life — take it slow so he does not feel he is going from a divorce to being in a relationship too soon.

  3. mikal_crystal said :

    use your common sense what do you think?

  4. THE Cupid HATER said :

    If you recently, got back together, then I see no reason not to give him a gift, although it should be a small one.

  5. Golden Boy said :

    Just chocolates, because you can give them to anyone and it might help him get over his ex-wife. Anything more expensive than that is inappropriate.

  6. ♥ || Brown Eyed Girl || ♥ said :

    No you shouldn’t. He will feel awkward… especially if he didn’t get you anything in return.

  7. destination2012 said :

    If he wants you bad now, give him the gift.
    If you want him, but you aren’t sure if he wants you that bad… then just get him a card.


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