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Will it hurt my baby to fly? I mean the ear pop and maybe pressure?

My husband and i are moving to Texas next Monday and this is our first baby. So we don’t know. He is 2 1/2 months

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6 Responses to “Will it hurt my baby to fly? I mean the ear pop and maybe pressure?”

  1. viv vin said:

    No just use some Lil ear plugs and ur baby will be ok;)

  2. Alhamdulilah said:

    No, your baby will be fine. Try to feed your baby during take off and landing to help the ear popping and pressure. If you can’t feed your baby during that time, try to get him to suck on a pacifier.

    I’ve never heard of using ear plugs for babies….I don’t know if that would really work.

  3. SolarFlare said:

    He should be fine unless he has a cold or ear infection in which case check with the doctor first (as this may block up his ears).

  4. Alizesm0mmy said:

    He’ll be fine but I think it would be best if u gave him a bottle before departure and before arrival if there’s enouugh space between feedings also you can while carrying him one ear will be uncovered so you can put ur hand on his little I did the same with my 3month old nshe was fine good luck

  5. sammiferguson17 said:

    My baby sister flew from missouri to california when she was around six months. She was fine just fussy. Call your doctor and see what he recommends. Ours told us to give my sister a VERY little amount of infant benadryl. Of course she was older than your child so talk to your doctor first!! You could probably even ask at your hospitals help line. Good luck! Im sure everything will be find but making sure she is comfortable is the best thing for her and your family (screaming children are no fun!)

  6. Rae's Momma said:

    When I moved from NC to WI I flew home with my daughter and she did fine. If you are worried about his ears popping just make sure he’s drinking from a bottle or has a Nuk in his mouth when you take off.


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