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Why does photoshop run faster under native resolutions than custom?

Okay, so I bought a new laptop with Vista Home Premium 64-bit. I installed Photoshop CS2 onto it, ran the program, and it ran smoothly until i set my monitor resolution to 1280 x 720 (native: 1440 x 900). So I reset the resolution back to its native resolution.

I would expect it to run faster under lower resolutions…. so why is this an exception?
Edit: What I mean by runs faster is that my mouse cursor doesn’t lag under native resolutions than custom resolutions.

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2 Responses to “Why does photoshop run faster under native resolutions than custom?”

  1. wsatcher said:

    likely because your computer is supposed to have that resolution as stock. its more used to that resolution so the new one takes some getting used to, which is especially true with newer smarter computers like yours.

  2. Mercuri said:

    When you change the resolution to a non-native resolution, suddenly the video card has to figure out how to display a non-native resolution at full-screen. This eats up computer resources.

    Also, it’s silly to think that it’d run faster at lower resolutions. This isn’t a 3D game we’re talking about, it’s a 2D application.


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