Why does he keep asking me out and states as friends.?

When out he asks about and my wants and needs in a relationship and keeps wanting to catch up but always states as friends. When we go out it for say 5 hrs or so. Last time we went out he put his arm around me and said how attractive I am and how well we get on. No he is no gay lol

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3 Responses to “Why does he keep asking me out and states as friends.?”

  1. hannah675 said:

    he just want to play with you first…a lot of guys are like that… so better know his intentions…

  2. Lexi said:

    Maybe he just wants to sleep with you.

  3. чσu mαkє mє síck said:

    he likes you but first he wants to get to know you before he asks you out that’s why hes asking about your needs and wants in relationships so he can see if you two want the same thing..


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