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Why do i always feel like people are talking bad things about me and im betrayed and also feel lonley?

Im a really nice guy, thought ful.
But i don’t know why i have been getting strange thought of things in my head.
I am always happy.
But i always think of bad thing that im listed as for example im despreate and no one would ever love me for who i am, its getting to the point of death maybe!

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2 Responses to “Why do i always feel like people are talking bad things about me and im betrayed and also feel lonley?”

  1. ♥ღαмαиdα♥ღ said:

    see your doctor!! seriously he’ll check your hormones and make sure your healthy.
    Just because you seem happy doesnt mean your actually happy, what are you looking for in life that makes you feel desperate?? I was kinda like that I read some self improvement books, I read one its called 12 pillars to success… really good, if you get your hands on it, its a short book worth the couple hours it takes to read it. This will change the way you live your life… remember your life directs you with the people you associate with, if your friends and family arent going anywhere, you probably wont either. But yah definetly see the doctor to see if your all healthy and such.

  2. crgjesusfreak said:

    ur probably r struggling w insecuritys or depression. If u think u may really harm urself, get professional help. That being said, work on ur self esteem by doing things ur good at, include other people in ur life more. prove whatever negitive thoughts u have to b false…like ( nobody likes me) but u have a friend, pet, relative, god or someone that does.
    make ur goal to replace negitive thoughts w positive ones an u will start to feel better.
    be sure to get exercise an eat healthy…lack of such is a common cause of depression. hope this helps some.


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