why cant i find valentines date?

Ive never been out with a girl on valentines day before. im a new person now and ive got a new found confidence. this is going to be a year of change for me. i would like to start off with a bang with a date on valentines day. does anyone know what would be a good way to find a date? girls….this would be a good question for you. also what would be a good date? i live near tampa bay and the beach, so try to keep that in mind. i try to be a romantic person. please help boys and girls.
actually….um spudmustard…. ive had alot of people tell me im very attractive. i do have social skills, i just havent really been that comfortable around girls. i always tried to act different and not be myself. and im sorry you got to take your ugliest and inferior social skill problems out on me.
i know i spelled something wrong. just forget about it.

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12 Responses to “why cant i find valentines date?”

  1. Irene said:

    you’ll never find it if you’re looking for it.
    it comes when you least expect it.

  2. lilboss416 said:

    be YOURSELF. thats the best thing anyone can do. not too clingy. just be real. honest. caring. but not overbearing.

    i know you’ll do great. you seem like a really awesome guy!!! 🙂

  3. angie20k said:

    a perfect valentines date for me is a weekend cruise.
    you can try finding girls on a internet dating site or at your local mall or something. i’m sure there are way more girls wishing they had a date in comparison to guys. good luck!

  4. Whatever said:

    Hmm has anyone special caught your eye…if so than work from that. You should go out like to a restaurant and then a walk to the beach. Sounds soothing ehy?

  5. robbie j said:

    Consider yourself lucky. Women are the root of all evil.

  6. Jim B said:

    It might be an old fashined idea but you can always go to church and see if you can find a nice person to ask. Good luck.

  7. jackson said:

    try myspace

  8. darlene g said:

    Oh, i believe if you put a thought into it you’l get an idea, surely you know plenty of ladies.

  9. here 2 help said:

    Find someone you feel comfortable around, then see if she wants to go out with you. Take a walk on the beach and if the weather is mild and not too windy, have a picnic on the beach too in some really romantic spot. Don’t be overly romantic though, just because its Valentines day doesn’t mean you have to be lovie-dovie

  10. sophieb said:

    Valentines Day is for lovers, for girlfriend/boyfriend times. Actually it’s like Christmas in that if you don’t have a significant other then that’s not the time to start a date.

    I’m from Tampa, and I’m sure there are restaurants having valendines day specials, and even restaurants with a view. I don’t remember what’s going on at that time, could it be the Fair, or the strawberry festival, or Guavaween or Gasparilla.

    If you have someone in mind that you really like and get along well with and want to start dating, then send her a “small” vase of mixed flowers, make sure it arrived, then give her a call.

  11. Tiffany Rae said:

    well I’m in the same boat with you there. I wanted to be in a relationship by now, but I’m still single. My answer on how to find a girl is go to places where alot of girls hang out like the mall, I always go there to see if there are any available men. in florida there shoudl be lots of places to meet women, like clubs and parties, just put yourself out there, use your friends if you have to, to help you spread the word about being single and ready.

  12. Amy C said:

    Don’t be afraid to ask a girl out. You have to ask a girl out before you can have a date. Don’t worry about rejection it happens to us all, so what do you have to lose, it is either yes or no. When I hear Valentines Day, I think of pasta, chocolates, and a stuffed animal. So I would take her to a nice italian place for dinner, and then maybe a movie if there is time left.


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